More Horror YARM: Sorority Row….

Good Grief, not again. And the thing the cast thinks makes it more original than the original is that it is like OTHER CLASSICS like Scream! Jeebus Crispies….

The original film trailer reimagined by HorrorTrailerGuy:


Audrina Patridge, who co-stars in the horror remake of Sorority Row, told a group of reporters that the film is more like the horror films she grew up with than the 1983 original.

Patridge plays sorority girl Megan, one of six sisters pursued by a mysterious killer after they cover up an accidental death caused by one of their pranks.

“It kind of almost reminds me of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream,” Patridge said in a group interview on Tuesday in Hollywood, where she was promoting her TV show The Hills. “It’s very suspenseful and makes you jump. It’s very gory. No one knows who the killer is. Six hot girls, it’s a great movie.”

If it’s very gory, in the modern horror flick sense, then it isn’t like Summer and Scream, the point there was the suspense…is this SAW meets Prom Night, cause that is what it sounds like so far….being a horror flick fan I will have to go see it and find out…..

Patridge found out about the original after she was cast. Then she compared it to her film. “When I first read the script, that’s what they told me, so I went and actually got the movie, the original one, House on Sorority Row from 1983, and I watched it. It was scary. This one, the new Sorority Row, is actually modernized. It’s kind of different. It’s almost the same storyline, a prank goes wrong, but they’ve changed it a little bit. It’s not exactly like the original in 1983.”…

How about some of the original?

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