GM to kill Pontiac Brand…

Say goodbye to an old friend, Pontiac..Treasury gave GM another 2 billion and made them kill Pontiac in exchange no doubt…

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TSCC : Petition for Season 3; Samson and Delilah

Courtesy of cinebo

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From Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2×01 “Samson and Delilah” The Beginning Song

Song: Samson and Delilah
Performed by Shirley Manson

Join the Resistance and help get a season 3 out for Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

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Legend Of The Seeker – Episode 19 – Cursed

Legend Of The Seeker – Episode 19 – Cursed – For more News visit

King Gregor persuades Shota the sorcerer to transform him into a vicious beast at sundown each day so he can protect his realm from the D’Harans. But that viciousness takes an unintended—and tragic—turn, leading to a dilemma for Richard. .

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Friday Night Fights: Frazier v Foreman 1973

different camera angle here:

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1973 kingston Joe Frazier vs George Foreman complete 2-2

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SciFi Summer Schedule Released: Eureka returns July 10th, GHI returns July 8th, GH returns August 19….


SCI FI announced a July 10 premiere date for the second half of Eureka‘s season three and said the show will move to Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT from its previous Tuesday timeslot….

…Ghosts Hunters International returns July 8 and will air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. This summer the team travels to Austria, Ireland, Italy, Chile, Argentina and the Czech Republic in pursuit of the truth behind bizarre supernatural claims. The first six episodes of season two will air this summer, with additional episodes continuing in 2010.

Ghost Hunters returns Aug. 19 and will air Wednesdays at 9.

The Ghost Hunters mid-season finale is next after the jump:


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CNBC Stress Test Panel –

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Update: Stress Test White Paper lacks detail…

Update: From WSJ:

Fed White Paper on Stress Testing Procedure pdf here: FED Press Release here;  Market averages back to their trend line of the day, Dow up 130 to 8086, S&P up 14 to 86 NAS up 39 to 1691

For release at 2:00 p.m. EDT

A white paper describing the process and methodologies employed by the federal banking supervisory agencies in their forward-looking capital assessment of large U.S. bank holding companies was published on Friday.

The white paper is intended to assist analysts and other interested members of the public in understanding the results of the Supervisory Capital Assessment Program, expected to be released in early May. All U.S. bank holding companies with year-end 2008 assets exceeding $100 billion were required to participate in the assessment, which began February 25. These institutions collectively hold two-thirds of the assets and more than half the loans in the U.S. banking system.

More than 150 examiners, supervisors and economists from the Federal Reserve, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation participated in this supervisory process. Starting from two economic scenarios–a consensus estimate of private-sector forecasters and an economic situation more severe than is generally anticipated–they developed a range of loss estimates and conducted an in-depth review of the banks’ lending portfolios, investment portfolios and trading-related exposures, and revenue opportunities. In doing so, they examined bank data and loss projections, compared loss projections across firms, and developed independent benchmarks against which to evaluate the banks’ estimates. From this analysis, supervisors determined the capital buffer needed to ensure that the firms would remain appropriately capitalized at the end of 2010 if the economy proves weaker than expected.

The Supervisory Capital Assessment Program: Design Summary (287 KB PDF)

Released now, the parameters were apparently already out there, they used Case Shiller Housing Value Futures in their projections…CITI already tested itself against that same metric…

they are not giving the Tangible Common Equity number they want from the banks is it 3%? 4%? and they are also not giving out the specific projected losses or the size of the capital buffer the regulators want…..meanwhile the NY Post is reporting Vikram Pandit is out as CITI CEO shortly….

They gave the categories of loans they looked at and the counterparty risk but not the other parameters, reporters asked on the conference call…..

Will get up the CNBC clip as soon as it’s available

It’s managing expectations they say..a whole lotta nothin’ just came out…they Put on the Ritz for us…they don’t want anyone running the numbers before the banks shore up capital..

Next words will be the results of the stress tests on May 4th, I think the banks will begin to leak their own inner results before that..

The markets are turning down now, were up over 100 now up 50 on the Dow….

Submitted by IrishC

Submitted by IrishC

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine New clip: ‘I think we’re gonna need new sheets’ | SCI FI Wire

Courtesy of SciFiWire via EmpireMovieNews

…As you probably already know, that’s Lynn Collins in the clip as Silver Fox, the girlfriend that Wolverine finds when he abandons his fightin’ ways and goes off to seek peace and inner oneness (probably not) in a cabin on a hilltop…

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