Dylan Ratigan on why he left CNBC…


The only shows I am still watching on CNBC are The Call and Kudlow; hope Immelt is happy with the Zucker effect….

TBI Exclusive Interview (go read the whole piece!):

..There have been lots of rumors echoing around that star-CNBC anchor Dylan Ratigan stormed out of CNBC after feuding with bosses Mark Hoffman and Susan Krakower, that he’s headed straight to ABC for a big-time broadcast slot, and that he can’t go on-air for the next 6 months because of some ridiculous, spiteful clause in his CNBC contract.

Is it all TRUE???  Inquiring minds want to know!

So we asked Dylan himself, who was kind enough to share 20 minutes with us. …

Some hilights:

…It’s not even that some of the things aren’t true.  Did I fight with management?  Sure.  Did I fight with everyone in management all the time?  Absolutely not.  Did it have anything to do with the departure?  Absolutely nothing… People think that my departure was in some way a reflection on CNBC.  I’m telling you, it was a reflection on me….


Dylan: One, it became apparent to me that there had been some major policy failures in America.  While clearly pursuable at a place like CNBC, in my opinion, they are more broadly pursuable from a wide variety of other news platforms.

Blodget: Such as?

Ratigan: Pick them.  ABC, CBS, HBO, MSNBC, CNN, FOX.  When you’re dealing with economic problems, you want to be speaking from an economic platform.  When you’re dealing with systemic policy failures that have rendered a catastrophe the likes of which we’ve really never seen, the role of journalism is to ask questions of money and power from the broadest possible platform…

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  1. Greg replied:

    If Dylan is going to MSNBC, and if he thinks MSNBC is a venue that permits the confrontation of (this administration’s) policy failures by asking tough questions, it may become a short lived career move.


  2. bruce newell replied:

    I really liked Dylan .I hope he lands a lucrative and fulfilling position.


  3. Tom Meyer replied:

    Fast Money isnt the same! It was one of my favorite shows. Good info with a playfull funny atmosphere. Informative and entertaining which is rare in CNBC! Was a great show. Lee is doing a good job in replacement but she is no Ratigan! I guess next they will geet rid of the morning crew that is also good and entertaining. Next we will hear that Kerenan was fired for playing the animal orchestra to much. LOL!


  4. paula sternbach replied:

    I will really miss you. I enjoyed your sense of humor and knowledge that helped me in this crazy market. I wish you well. please let me know what station ypu will be on so that I can follow your career


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