Stimulus Unemployment Update: Arizona changes state law to extend jobless benefits 13 weeks; adds another 7 weeks (emergency bens?)…

The Governor has signed the bill to change the trigger to extend UE in AZ….I wish the journOlists would be clear on how many weeks go to extended benefits under this new trigger and if the second part, the 7 weeks is the emergency benefits DOL is tracking triggers on..I am going with yes until we hear otherwise….


…The Legislature and Brewer have approved a bill to offer 13 to 20 extra weeks in jobless benefits to the long-term unemployed. The state’s jobless rate stands at 7.8 percent with double-digit unemployment in Pinal County, Yuma and Nogales…

East Valley Tribune:

…Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday signed legislation that alters state law to extend jobless benefits by 13 weeks once the unemployment rate hits 6.5 percent and stays there for three months. Arizona already is there, having passed that figure in December.

And the law adds another seven weeks on top of that once the jobless rate hits and stays at 8 percent for three months.

The state Department of Commerce already is predicting that the figures for this month, to be released in May, will reach 8 percent. And Dennis Doby, the agency’s senior director of research administration, is saying unemployment will only go up from for the foreseeable future.

Brewer had urged lawmakers to make the change once it was determined that any extra cost will be picked up entirely by the federal government. The funds are part of the stimulus package, formally known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, signed into law in February by President Barack Obama.

Arizona provides 26 weeks of unemployment benefits paid for by a tax on state employers. Other federally funded programs already have extended that another 33 weeks.

Liz Barker, spokeswoman for the Department of Economic Security, said the most immediate beneficiaries will be about 7,000 people who already have exhausted their 59 weeks of payments…

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  1. Axed replied:

    Just creating a network where the unemployed may network. Please consider joining! We’re all in this together!!


  2. kim replied:

    My unemployment started 07/08 and will continue through 12/09, and possible another 13 weeks on top of that with this new extension.


  3. cf replied:

    I am really confused as to how long my UE benifits will run.. I keep going to the unemployment web site and the information is vague at best.
    I was laid off Nov 2008 and so far no luck for finding a job here in my little town of Snowflake AZ.
    Thank you!


  4. gloria replied:

    Right now, I’m just happy that I’m getting something, thats better then nothing……?


  5. Nate P. replied:

    The extention doen’t mean a whole lot considering the different procedures,the uncooperation of the unemployment office. “LipService” is all it amounts to. We need JOBS. By the way I sure notice who’s working so far on all the stimulus jobs. Viva mexico!


  6. shelley replied:

    GOOD LUCK!!!! Its ALL done via mail and I am STILL waiting for benefits and its been 3 frigging weeks. CANT TALK TO ANYONE EITHER.


  7. Tessa replied:

    This is so far from enough compensation, first raise our pay rate of compensation, third lowest in country next to Mississippi and Puerto Rico WAKE UP! Second, billions and billions to corrupt banking institutions with our childrens future paying and nothing for the back breakers of this country. I voted Obama I would never vote McCain but I think the only real solution is CIVIL WAR I am ready to die for justice, I have NOTHING TO LOOSE. Don’t sell your guns and stock ammo it is coming and soon. Keep it up US Government with your special interests and neglect and there will be blood in the mud of the good old X_USA


  8. gloria replied:

    ty gina


  9. gloria replied:

    does that mean we get an other extension? my extension ran out three week ago….i hope it is….and if so….THANK YOU LORD…..and jan brewer….


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