Horror: DVDs BOGO Free on Amazon…Evil Dead, Interview with Sam Raimi on Bruce Campbell and Producing the Film…

**Montage of trailers for Evil Dead I-III Courtesy of Deathdealeus1984:

Many faves, EVIL DEAD -The Ultimate Edition and HELLRAISER caught my eye right away….

Amazon Horror DVD Buy One Get One Free Sale

Horror BOGO
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Update: TSCC: ET Save One Show Round Two: Vote for Season Three of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles..

Update: Fans of TSCC in Hong Kong have a vid up too! Save TSCC global fan base baby!

Created by kei11046

X Files took a while to take off too. Hang in there FOX. Bring back TSCC for Season Three!!

Please go vote to Save TSCC on the Save One Show ET Online Poll here

Here is a TSCC FAN video from BRAZIL with WORLDWIDE FANS !!!!

Courtesy of cururuhc

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Twofer Tuesday: Philip Bailey & Phil Collins…

speaking of Easy and betrayal, ahem Specter…let’s shake it off….easy lover, remastered and In the Air Tonight LIVE:

Courtesy of thebunyipfarm

Courtesy of juance24tap

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Update: Video: Specter in 2001 on why he changed from Dem to GOP: An Equal Opportunity Turncoat is Specter: Sen Arlen Specter R-PA to seek re election as a Democrat…

Video Update:

Courtesy of VoiceofAmericans2008:

January 2001
Brian Lamb CSPan Clip
Arlen Spector talks about whey he switched from Democratic to Republican Party in 1965.


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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Premiere Tempe, AZ…

Ryan’s entrance :0)

Courtesy of MichaelSBegay

more after the jump


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Market Mover Tuesday: Case-Shiller Housing Index…

Just released Case-Shiller Housing Index:

10 of 29 Metro Areas show record rates of annual decline

15 metro areas showed price declines of over 10% vs Feb of 08

10 city composite posts annual decline of 18.8% in February

20 city composite down 18.6%

here is how CNBC morning crew is spinning this to be a good number:

Annual home price decline did not set a new record for the first time in 16 months

well alrighty then, let me pop my Korbel cork right now, LOL…..

So the Delta is slowing, that would be IMO the foreclosure sales, however we still have a RECORD inventory out there and with the foreclosure moratoriums ending I suspect prices will fall farther as those ‘shadow inventory’ short sales hit the market…but by all means it is good if the rate of decline would frakkin slow or better stop…or you know actually show an increase in value, HA!

Dow futures are sharply lower after the Dow ended yesterday down 50+, futures down -103 before the open…

*VH House of Pain courtesy of 5150EVH5150

*Straight off of the Gene Simmons Demos, the House Of Pain! Its basically just the basic riff from the 1984 HOP, with different choruses, different verses, and a different solo. The Intro and outro to the solo are also in the 198 HOP, although in different places here. Enjoy!

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