Update: Video: Specter in 2001 on why he changed from Dem to GOP: An Equal Opportunity Turncoat is Specter: Sen Arlen Specter R-PA to seek re election as a Democrat…

Video Update:

Courtesy of VoiceofAmericans2008:

January 2001
Brian Lamb CSPan Clip
Arlen Spector talks about whey he switched from Democratic to Republican Party in 1965.




or maybe not so much…how bout some classic Aerosmith??

Its on the CNBC Chyron now….

MM has the scoop:

Well, it appears that the head of the Turncoat Caucus is finally making it official. Arlen Specter, we have just 10 words for you:

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

*Aerosmith, No Surprize cut courtesy of ackerboy:

Aerosmith music video from 1979 featuring Jimmy Crespo on guitar. Crespo doesn’t play the lead on the actual album but you can see him here miming it up with Steven and company. FYI, this looks to be the same video shoot that produced the “Chiquita” clip included on the old “Video Scrapbook” home video release from the late 80s.

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  1. Arlinda DeAngelis replied:

    We now have a one party political system untethered from opposition. We will be managed by a president elected but unqualified to serve, according to the Constitution, and a congress hell bent on legally punishing the people who both led and worked for the previous administration. Their crime was to save Ameican lives. One of techniques used to prevent another murderous attack was to capture Islamic terrorists and interrogate them. We had to know what they knew. According to the Democrats, not one American life was worth making a murderous terrorist afraid and/or uncomfortable.

    We have no right to defend ourselves nor has the government the obligation to provide for our common defense. Anyone who violates this Democratic principle will be subject to a Congressional kangaroo court for war crimes. Punishment is whatever the Congress determines the punishment will be. As for the law under which Congress acts has not been enacted. Kangaroo courts are unfettered by law and due process. Only terrorists are worthy of due process.

    Be afraid. Be very very afraid.


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