Stress Test Leaks continue…which of the 5 or so Treasury employees is the source?

Such a sad state of journOlism, hardly any questioning of the continued leaks on Stress Tests, Treasury threatened the banks with a gag order so we know it isn’t them…and meanwhile back at the ranch Cuomo has revealed Lewis was extorted by Paulson and possibly Bernanke into failing to disclose material info to BofA shareholders…

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questions abound, for the large part unasked, on what benefit the leaks would be, but notice that the 4 big bondholders at Chrysler agreed to Treasury’s proposal which crams them way way down…those are the very same banks whose fates are in the hands of quasi public stress tests mandated and supervised by a political arm of government not the regulators…niiiice…

The focus for the large part is on the reporting that BofA will need 50-60 Billion large to meet Big Government’s thresholds…and the Dead CEO Walking watch on Ken Lewis and CITI’s Vikram Pandit..


…And there’s the problem of the banks denying the stress test’s conclusions and filing an appeal. So it’s as though everyone knew they needed more capital… everyone except shareholders and banking CEOs. Not quite everyone is it?

What a nightmare. The banking system burns while Ken Lewis, Vikram Pandit and Ben Bernanke go mano-a-mano-a-mano debating stress test outcomes and who’s Monte Carlo simulations are more realistic….

WSJ (subscription):

.Regulators have told Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc. that the banks may need to raise more capital based on early results of the government’s so-called stress tests of lenders, according to people familiar with the situation…Executives at both banks are objecting to the preliminary findings, which emerged from the government’s scrutiny of 19 large financial institutions. The two banks are planning to respond with detailed rebuttals,…

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