Derby Week: Big Red the best evah!!! (Secretariat)

I loved Big Red :0) I swear I tear up and the hair on my neck stands up in a chill every time, as Secretariat  surges ahead, ALL HEART

The Preakness:

Courtesy of gfn02

The Derby

Courtesy of cf1970 The 1973 Kentucky Derby won by the immortal SECRETARIAT in the record-smashing time of 1:59 2/5 that stands to this day.

And he rules the Belmont Stakes:

Courtesy of ollieweddingfu:

The Secretariat legacy is an amazing gift to horse lovers of every kind. Here is one of the amazing and legendary races of Secretariat at the last leg of the triple crown, June 9th 1973. This is one amazing horse. I created this video to share with the fans. Enjoy and cry for joy in such a miracle run. 🙂

I want to dedicate this video that I created to 2 wonderful horses that passed away in 2006-2007: Lost in the Fog & Barbaro May they live and run within our hearts forever. They are now with “Big Red” in a kingdom that any horse lover would love to see one day.

*The instrumental song is from the movie “Rudy”.

His Second Race, as an unknown:

And a Tribute from Barbaro123456:

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