Economy hammers MLB: Yankees Reduce Ticket Prices…

for Mr MiM the 69 Mets:

Even on Steinbrenner budgets they can’t float empty seats in camera range..

Tix dropping and some free tix  going out! and all existing tix get a rebate too…

2500 going down to 1250..cough cough…not exactly the bonding experience for middle class families but hopefully some decent seats are still available for a reasonable price at the new stadium, we are incredibly lucky to have Cactus League Spring Training out here with nice cheap tix for a family day at the ballpark…

I took a fabulous class on Baseball and the American Dream, baseball presented as it reflects Americans in the middle class, like moi, lol, an adaptation of the industrialized workers, a way to have family time and feel part of something bigger than the factory job, with a hero to root for and a shot at making it big, for a rookie or a team, on a fair playing field,the American Dream..blub …love baseball, THERE IS NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!

LOST Parody #8 NY Yankees by TheFineBros:

Why does Hurley freak out when the Yankees arrive to the island? Could it possibly be thanks to some evil numbers on their jerseys?

Featuring Yankees legends Lou Gehrig, Yogi Berra, Thurman Munson, Whitey Ford, Don Mattingley, Mariano Rivera.

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