TSCC: Sarah Connor Chronicles the Fan Fave to Bring Back for Another Season….


From zap2it:

If you, the Zap2it readers, were in charge of network scheduling for next season, then all the talk about “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and “Chuck” being on the bubble for renewal would disappear. The two series have emerged as the overwhelming favorites in our Keep ’em or Kill ’em polls of 27 series that we think could go either way when the networks announce their 2009-10 schedules over the next few weeks…

…”Terminator” fans mobilized heavily to vote in their show’s poll. As of 2 p.m. ET Thursday, the show had racked up 26,553 votes — more than twice as many as any other show on the list — and 86 percent of them (22,711) say FOX should keep the modestly rated show (5.3 million viewers this season) on the air….

iNotice ‘Chuck’  ““Chuck” – Keep it: 80%, Kill it: 20% (11,495 votes)”: has only HALF the votes of TSCC ““Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” – Keep it: 86%, Kill it: 14% (26,553 votes)” and Dollhouse  falls a short third ““Dollhouse” – Keep it: 64%, Kill it: 36% (10,123 votes)”  And as for Chuck,  who is NBC kidding, they have ONE hit show they are gonna cancel it? Mnn I think not. Mobilize for TSCC!

Go vote for TSCC on the Zap2It OnTheBubble poll here, (it is a dropdown menu)

Also the E! vote is getting some buzz on TVbytheNumbers and the Sun Sentinel:

…E! is spearheading one of the more prominent crusades. Supposedly the leading vote getters are Chuck, Dollhouse, Life, Privileged and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

…By the way, I think E!’s finalists might be designed to make it appear the campaign is successful. There are at least a couple of series on the roster of finalists that have a decent chance at renewal absent any campaign….


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