TSCC: CNN good for something after all! Picks up SAVE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES movement….

 By Kiska-chan

By Kiska-chan


(CNN) — …..It was a daring, surprising, brilliant cliffhanger for a show that’s gained a loyal following, particularly among people like me who are in awe of it. It also opens the door to anyone who hasn’t discovered this show yet, allowing for a fresh start…

..Ending on this Season 2 cliffhanger would be a shame….When Fox picked up this “Terminator,” it took on one of the most successful sci-fi franchises in modern entertainment history. It courted “Terminator” fans, as well as people like me who never gave much thought to the movies but appreciate deep, high-quality TV storytelling. Ending on this “what happens now” cliffhanger would leave a gaping hole in the franchise’s history.

..But of bigger concern, of course, is that “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is just really good TV — the kind that you want to believe can last. And that’s thanks to Josh Friedman, the inspired executive producer. For him, “Terminator” isn’t about special effects and metal monsters. It’s a family drama; a mother and son entrusted with a huge secret and the responsibility to change the future, no matter what the cost.

Without clobbering you with messages, Friedman gets you thinking — about people whose secret struggles you can’t know, about living with trauma and moving forward, about the strength and fragility of teenagers, and about the otherwise impossible things parents manage to do to protect their children. Sarah is parental adrenaline personified. It’s also a show about cancer. We know Sarah can successfully battle robots, evil people and well-meaning authorities who want her locked up. But will cancer ultimately do her in? Friedman has talked about the show serving as a catharsis for his own real-life battle against cancer….

Fans can’t wait to find out what happens with Sarah (Lena Headey) in the new reality. Did she follow her son into the future? If not, what happened to her?


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Stimulus Unemployment Extension Update: NY – 7online.com

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Courtesy of WABC7 Online

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BREAKING: CNBC: SEC filing shows GM considering 100 to 1 Reverse Stock Split; exchanging debt for shares, Government would own 50% of the company…

Breaking on Fast Money Chyron: Terms of GM Swap not finalized, but govt would own over 50% of shares, Reverse split would be part of deal with Treasury (Argh Matey!) to swap GM Debt for shares…..

as Jeff Macke just said our Government is making up rules as they go along

for the folks still holding GM shares or debt Macke nailed it again: Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

Pirates all right, in the WH and Treasury….

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Repost By Request: Liesman like Nixon: Rick Santelli to Steve Liesman: “Don’t Open Your Mouth and Say Dumb Things” – mediabistro.com: TVNewser


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Sarah Palin – Mitt Romney: There’s a Bore in the Woods; Rush on Sarah…

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Health Care Update: Max Baucus shouted down by single payer protesters : Protester Delays Senate Committee Opening

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Cannonball Run 1 and 2 Outtakes and All Dogs Go to Heaven

Love Ya Dom!


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Twofer Tuesday: God Bless Dom DeLuise

!Ballin’ the Jack – Gilda Radner & Dom DeLuise

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