Supernatural: Lucifer Rising 4.22 Season Finale Pt II (All Three New Clips)

Courtesy of cuttoothom:

A convenient combo-vid.For those of you who are to lazy to skim through multiple videos.I adore Bobby’s spaz attack in scene two. He’s the savior of the series for me.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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MP Expenses Scandal: Our Critters have an ‘allowance’ as well don’t they?

Where is some American journOlist to even pretend to do their job and do an investigation into Congress’ claimed expenses at this time of record spending, the way The Telegraph did…

The British seem pretty pixxed finally and just as Brown is raising income taxes..again….

 (L to R top) Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, Jack Straw, Lord Mandleson (L to R Bottom) Hazel Blears, Andy Burnham, Douglas Alexander, John Prescott  Photo: PA

(L to R top) Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, Jack Straw, Lord Mandleson (L to R Bottom) Hazel Blears, Andy Burnham, Douglas Alexander, John Prescott Photo: PA

The Telegraph: This is Why We Pay Tax?

MPs’ expenses: The Telegraph’s investigation into how politicians – from Gordon Brown and his Cabinet to backbenchers of all parties – exploit the system of parliamentary allowances to subsidise their lifestyles and multiple homes.

and DIGG has it up here

MPs’ expenses investigation in depth

Douglas Alexander: spent more than £30,000 doing up his constituency home – which then suffered damage in a house fire.

Margaret Beckett: £600 claim for hanging baskets and pot plants

Hazel Blears: claims for three different properties in a year

Gordon Brown: house swap let PM claim thousands

Andy Burnham: had an eight-month battle with the fees office after making a single expenses claim for more than £16,500

Alistair Darling: stamp duty paid by public

Caroline Flint: claimed £14,000 for fees for new flat

Geoff Hoon: established a property empire worth £1.7 million after claiming taxpayer-funded expenses for at least two properties.

Lord Mandelson: questions over timing of his house claim

David Miliband: spending challenged by his gardener

Paul Murphy: had a new plumbing system installed at taxpayers’ expense because the water in the old one was “too hot”.

John Prescott: two lavatory seats in two years

Jack Straw: only paid half the amount of council tax that he claimed back on his parliamentary allowances over four years.

Shaun Woodward: millionaire minister received £100,000 to help pay mortgage

I have NO doubt our Congress Critters are wasting taxpayer dollars in similar ways, if only we had a free press…

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Gibbs mocks GE and NBC when questioned on budget by Chuck Todd…

good…how do you like to be mocked Chuck? They don’t get it, no one gets a free ride and anyone who makes them look bad gets attacked and thrown under a bus…Just b/c you helped get him elected with your kiss axx coverage does not mean you get to question him now Chuckie Boy…..learn from Zelany at the NYT, talk about how ‘enchanting’ the proposed budget  is…maroons….

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Politico:…”One half of one percent — how is this truly a tough decision?” Todd asked Gibbs, referring to Obama’s $17 billion in planned program reductions.

“I’ll resist the temptation —,” Gibbs began, but Todd cut him off.

“You want to have a money argument, but the percentage does matter,” Todd said. “People are cutting back their spending by 10 percent. Companies are cutting back by 5 percent.”

“NBC!” Gibbs interjected with a laugh. “The stock of GE!”

It’s not the first time Gibbs has teased the press corps for its economic troubles. Earlier this week, when he ruled out a bailout for newspapers, Gibbs jabbed reporters for minimizing the scale of the president’s earlier budget cuts.

“You guys didn’t think $100 million meant a lot a few weeks ago,” Gibbs said. “But looking at some of the balance sheets, $100 million seems to mean a lot.”

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TGIF!! The Breakfast Club….

Everyone get wiggy like it’s 1985 and we’re in Saturday detention… is starting to look like it’s going to be a looooong 4 years…..

Bender techno mix by analogarthur

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Scare Force One Scapegoat Louis Caldera resigns….doo doo doo, another one unda da bus….

Update: Politico has it up now……Go see MM, the FOIA requests go forward…

…In a classic release of unflattering news late on a Friday afternoon, the White House distributed Caldera’s resignation letter along with a 7-page report into the incident prepared by the White House Counsel’s Office.

“I have concluded that the controversy surrounding the Presidential Airlift Group’s aerial photo shoot over New York City has made it impossible for me to effectively lead the White House Military Office,” Caldera wrote to Obama. “Moreover, it has become a distraction to the important work you are doing as President. After much reflection, I believe it in incumbent on me to tender my resignation and step down.”…

Too much, Too little, Too late…

Breaking on FOX now…

Still don’t think MM is going to withdraw her FOIA requests there Team TOTUS…

Cough up the flight manifest….

Big Dollar Donors Flew and TOTUS Knew!!!


..After the bizarre mission caused distress and panic among countless New York City residents who were intentionally left in the dark about the photo-op stunt, I filed two public records requests with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Joint Staff FOIA Requester Service Center. The first one requests any and all communication — including e-mail and other public records and including any and all correspondence between the White House Military Office, Department of Defense, and other agencies — related to the planned federal aerial mission over New York City on April 27, 2009. Specifically, I requested all public records related to and including the flight manifests, and related to the origin of the request for the mission. The second filing requests any and all photos taken during the planned federal aerial mission approved by the White House Military Office….

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Fringe: Secrets and Recaps…

Courtesy of Isixecho108, go to Josh’s YouTube channel to view his recaps of the complete season to date..

These are secrets and recaps from the TV Show Fringe. This episode is the pilot. Enjoy. Seanie B’s LOST: Secrets and Recaps Link: Cool Link to check out:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Say It Ain’t So.. Dylan Ratigan moving to MSNBC….

Jeff Macke, Tim Strazzini, Dylan Ratigan, Guy Adami, and Eric Bolling of CNBC's "Fast Money", preside over the Market Open  Wednesday, January 3, 2007 at NASDAQ's MarketSite in New York City.

Jeff Macke, Tim Strazzini, Dylan Ratigan, Guy Adami, and Eric Bolling of CNBC's "Fast Money", preside over the Market Open Wednesday, January 3, 2007 at NASDAQ's MarketSite in New York City.

UGH What a disappointment! Ugh! All this drama and he is STILL working for NBC Universal?! And at their WORST biggest JOKE lowest rated channel? The frat boy infested Tweety and Obotmann channel? Ugh, well I would cut my damn hand off before I give those POS a second of my time…sorry Dylan but bad bad choice

You know, not for nothing, but Dylan was having moments of sheer Jon Stewartness as in the Stewart Cramer ‘interview’ or ‘lecture from an uninformed comedian with delusions of grandeur’ as I call it..I miss Dylan and this is just sad…I think MSNBC is a home of narcissism and ego, sad to see him use his financial experience to help cheerlead the fascistic interference with private property and the individual…sigh…

I am really disappointed :0(


NEW YORK (AP) — Former CNBC “Fast Money” host Dylan Ratigan has landed a new daytime program at MSNBC.

Ratigan’s new show will air on the news network from 9 to 11 a.m. Eastern Time. MSNBC had few details about what it will be, other than a mixture of talk and news with a distinct personality.

It marks a continued shift away from actual news programming to more personality-driven shows on cable news networks. Ratigan’s show will start on June 29.

Ratigan’s move was a mild surprise, considering he had quit CNBC five weeks ago.

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Market Mover Friday: April Jobs Report…


Unemployment rate is 8.9%, highest since 83

Smaller than expected 539,000 jobs lost in April….

But the revisions are bad for March …


..U.S. employers cut a smaller-than-expected 539,000 jobs in April, the smallest amount since October, according to government data on Friday that hinted at some improvement in the labor market and the recession-hit economy.

..However, the Labor Department said the unemployment rate soared to 8.9 percent, the highest since September 1983. March’s payrolls figure was revised to show a decline of 699,000, compared with a previously reported drop of 663,000. Job losses in February were bumped up to 681,000 from the previously estimated 651,000….

MiM expects next month they will revise these numbers higher…

Now that the Stress Tests are officially over and these jobs numbers came in better than expected there may be a killer rally today but MiM still considers it a Bear Market Rally and we aren’t playing…maybe if it were someone else’s money like it is for Congress we would be all smiley and enjoy the 30% jump this Rally has given the S&P Financials……..

PS Govt hired 66,000 Census workers, so this number is ya know, Government Cheese…

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