Health Care Update: There’s always Soylent Green….Hot Air » Are the elderly cost effective?

Vodpod videos no longer available. From HA, Congress Critters headed by Baucus today heard arguments to restrict OVERUSE of health care by ELDERLY:

Professor Stuart Altman of Brandeis University:

Remember, our population is aging. And with the very, very elderly, the costs go down, so that percentage should be falling, and it’s not. Second, the cost of care is growing by so much, so at the same percentage, it’s worth a lot more. So let’s go back to the issue of comparative effectiveness, which we’re supporting. That’s where that can have a big impact. It’s not only there, but that’s where the waste is. That’s where people are using technologies that really either don’t work at all or keep people alive for for very limited [time] and [at] very high cost. Hospice is one option, but we do need take account of the cost —

you know, I hate to say it, the cost-benefit of some of the things we do. And either we can do it directly, or we can do it by bundling the payments and let the delivery system deal with it. So it’s a combination of the delivery system dealing with it, or, and/or providing more information for people to make the right decisions, both for themselves and for the care.

See for these loons the RIGHT DECISION is to die, push people off on an ice floe when they have outlived their usefulness to society..of course these same people want to give this care to people who are in quite a few cases also not productive members of the working economy, but that’s okay I guess…..unfrakkinbelievable, hope the Baby Boomers who voted for this are taking note, your children in GEN X a-hem will be taxed to death and unable to support you as Team Obama denies your hip replacement (he mentioned in a NYT interview he wonders if it  was really the RIGHT THING for his typical white grandma to get her hip replaced shortly before she, I think that was Granny and her doctor’s decision…..

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