Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool and Wade Wilson

Ryan talking about Deadpool before the decision was made to film a stand alone for Wade/Deadpool/Ryan..If Ryan has his way as he describes what he would ideally do, it will kick axx…Vodpod videos no longer available.

Deadpool co-creator Rob Leffield spoke to MTV’s Splash about the way Deadpool was handled in X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

Rob Liefeld has been around the comic book industry long enough to see some of its most famous characters created on paper and re-created on film. This year, one of his own made its big-screen debut when Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” (And Liefeld’s original team series “Youngbloodmight not be far behind in making its debut, too.) MTV News chatted up the Image Comics co-founder to get his reaction to Deadpool’s first appearance on the big screen, and to find out what he hopes gets left behind when the character moves on to his own solo film.

“I have a scale, with worst possible interpretation of a character being Halle Berry as Catwoman, to best possible interpretation of a character being Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Ron Perlman as Hellboy, Patrick Stewart as Professor X, or Christian Bale as Batman,” Liefeld told MTV News. “I would put Deadpool, in this inception, much closer to the side where they got it right.”

Liefeld praised the movie’s version of Deadpool as being true to his initial vision for the wisecracking mercenary — and explained why the character audiences saw at the end of the film isn’t actually that far off. “When I created Deadpool, the entire backstory that was pitched was that he was the junk left over from a bad Weapon X experiment,” Liefeld explained. “When I look at the film, there’s no reason he can’t go and become that guy I created.”

However, that’s not to say that director Gavin Hood and the film’s writers got off without any criticism from Liefeld. “Look, katanas coming out of the hand? Not a fan. But you get over it,” he admitted. “Do I believe Deadpool will be shooting optic blasts out of his eyes down the road? No, I don’t believe he will.


Blast’s Kellen Rice has the pros and cons of  the up and coming Deadpool flick:

About as soon as the opening weekend box office returns from “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” were announced, Fox swallowed the blue pill and greenlit “X-Men Origins: Deadpool,” a “Wolverine” sequel and a third, unnamed project. Deadpool, a fan-favorite character played by Ryan Reynolds in “Wolverine,” is a (crazy) mercenary who peppers his stories with wisecracks and quips. He has a healing factor that supersedes even Wolverine’s and is one of the most formidable fighters in the X-Men universe.

…And that’s all well and good except for the fact that the awesome Deadpool of the comics showed up in “Wolverine” for about five minutes before his character was summarily (and literally, apparently) chopped up into little bits. Indeed, one of the great failures in “Wolverine,” besides the laughable writing, horrendous production values, pathetic dialogue, and all-around terribleness, was in fact the treatment of Deadpool’s character….



1. Done right (key word), Deadpool has the potential to make a very cool movie, as well as one that will make money at the box office. His character allows for the gritty, edgy superhero movies that have come into vogue since “Sin City,” “The Dark Knight,” et cetera as well as the comedic factor – like “Spiderman,” except not as lame.

2. Done right (key fucking word), Deadpool would be a redeeming addition to the X-Men franchise that has gone from a gleaming beacon on a hill to a festering joke populated with evil Hollywood-types who like to destroy childhood heroes as they laugh and count their money….

Go read the whole piece!

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