Update: Witchhunt Inquisitor accidentally catches self: while hoist on petard claims her ‘role’ is to get control of Congress and the Presidency, not to actually object to unConsititional actions…but she did ‘fight the war’…

Oh thank Gawd SOMEONE mentioned this, it is Rep. Pete Hoekstra R-MI –The Note :

Hoekstra, however, said he finds is “very difficult to believe” that intelligence officials would intentionally mislead leaders of the House intelligence committee, as Pelosi is alleging.

He also blasted Pelosi for saying that, since she felt she couldn’t change Bush administration policies, she turned her attention to electing a Democratic congressional majority.

“What I heard her say — and I was quite taken aback by her when she said — was that politics are more important than national security,” Hoekstra said. “That’s a very dangerous precedent.”

Bond said there have been numerous instances where congressional leaders have privately influenced administration policy on intelligence matters, though he declined to offer specfics.

“It’s no excuse to say, ‘I was powerless.’ That’s what oversight is all about,” he said. “There are a whole range of actions, and she did not take them.”

Nora Desmond Nancy Pelosi has gone off the rez…


Pelosi Press Briefing Transcript Courtesy of Legal Insurrection:

QUESTION: Do you wish now that you had done more? Do you wish…


QUESTION: … it had been your own letter?

PELOSI: No, no, no, no, no, no. I mean, the point is, is that we had the conversation. They told us they had legal opinions. As I say in my statement, we now know what they didn’t inform us then, that there were other opinions within the executive branch that concluded that these interrogation techniques were not legal. So no letter or anything else is going to stop them from doing what they’re going to do. My job was to change the majority in Congress and to change — to fight to have a new president, because what was happening was not consistent with our values, certainly not true, and — and something that had to be changed….

(Hear that boys and girls? Her JOB was to change the majority  and to fight to have a new TOTUS not to you know TAKE ACTION OF ANY SORT…)

QUESTION: OK. The question is: At the end of April, you had a press conference with us and you said very clearly we were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation methods were used.

PELOSI: That’s right. We, in that — in that meeting, in the briefing that I received, we were not told that — in fact, we were told that waterboarding was not being used because that’s sort of one that stood out.

QUESTION: So in that press conference, we were all fairly trying to get at the broader question of whether — whether you knew about waterboarding at all. And the idea that we got from you was that you were never told that waterboarding was being used. But now we know that, later, in February, you were told. It wasn’t in that briefing, but you were told. So…

PELOSI: No.  By the time we were told, we are finding out that it’s been used before. In other words, that was beyond the…

QUESTION: Well, why did you tell us at the press conference

PELOSI: Well, I told you what our briefing was. And our briefing was…

QUESTION: That you had been told, just not at that particular briefing.


QUESTION: You’ve been very adamant that you didn’t know that waterboarding was used.

PELOSI: No, that is right. We were told — in the briefing that I received, we were told that they had legal opinions that this as legal. We were not told that it was — that there were other legal opinions to the contrary in the administration. And we were told specifically that waterboarding was not being used. When my assistant told me that the committee had been briefed — now, I’m not on that committee any more. I’m now out of it. We have a new — that ranking member wrote the appropriate letter to protest that. And then we find out just slightly more subsequent to that that, perhaps, they were using waterboarding long before they tell us.

QUESTION: (Inaudible).

PELOSI: No. But the point is is that I wasn’t briefed. I was told — informed that someone else had been briefed about it. I’m only speaking from my — I’m only speaking from my own experience. And we were told that it was not being used. Subsequently, the other members of the committee were informed.

QUESTION: So were you.

PELOSI: No, I wasn’t informed. I was informed that a briefing had taken place. Now, you have to look at what they briefed those members. I was not briefed that. I was only informed that they were briefed, but I did not get the briefing.

QUESTION: (Inaudible).

PELOSI: Well, we’ll find out.

QUESTION: (Inaudible). They mislead us all the time. I was fighting the war in Iraq at that point, too, you know, saying to my members the intelligence does not support the imminent threat that they are conceding. But what’s the point? Yes, they did. They misrepresented every step of the way. And they don’t want that focus on them. So they try to turn the attention on us. We had to win the election to make the change. We did. President Bush vetoed the bill. We have a new president who is going to do that.

But the committees can look into and see the timing of who knew what and when and what the nature of the briefing was. I have not been briefed as to what they were briefed on in February. I was just briefed that they were informed that some of the enhanced situations were used.

Nancy’s job is to get control of Congress and the Presidency and fight the war get it? BWAAAAHAAAAAA!!!!! POWER MAD!!! DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR!!! BWAAAFRAKKINHAAAA!!!

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