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Mild spoilage ahead!!!

EOnline – Jennifer Godwin:

..we checked in with Aussie star Craig Horner to find out what’s to come in the final episodes of the first season…..

Anything exciting that you can tease about what’s in store for Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell?
They both prove their love for each other in ways you will not even imagine, but especially Bridget Regan character. She really proves her love for Richard in a way that’s just beyond comprehension. We can’t really express love in normal ways so she does it in a way that’s really magical. Look forward to that.

And what can you tease about Zedd? There’s presumably some funny stuff with him coming, right?
Of course. There’s always a good little comic relief along with the wise tip here and there, but the way it’s going lately, Richard’s taken charge. He’s not the foolish schoolboy anymore, he’s not a deer in the headlights. He’s now learned a lot about himself, and he can move forward and even start giving orders to the wizard and Kahlan, partly just because the Confessor is sworn to protect the Seeker with her life and do whatever he says and it’s kind of an unwritten rule that Zedd has to do that as well, and that’s kind of cool. But when making decisions, I will say, Richard’s always going to make an informed choice with input from these two characters whose opinion he really respects.


Will there be a climactic final battle with Darken Rahl?
We definitely meet again, I can say that. It definitely comes to a climax. All that stuff does come to a climax, but who will win? I’m not going to tell you.

What can you tease about the finale? Does it have a clear-cut end that wraps the season?
Actually it’s a bit of a cliffhanger. It’s not just wrapped up in a nice little nutshell. There’s always going to be evil in the Midlands, no matter where you go. There’s always evil to fight, there will always be a need for the Seeker.

What scene are you most proud of from the finale?
I can’t give away too much, but it’s toward the end of the show, and basically the location was amazing. We were out on these clifftops down on the beach near Auckland in New Zealand with big dunes and big cliffs, and we did this big massive crane shot and it took all day to do just one scene, but it was nice. It was really cool, and I enjoyed that. When you know you’re doing the final scene of a 22-episode series it has this weird feeling, you know, especially for the characters and the actors. “Wow, that was it?”

What can you tell us about season two, which has already been picked up?
Richard’s going to have a lot of struggle with his magic and his powers, and he has a bit of a dark side to him that he’s going to have to learn to explore and control. I’m really excited about that. I hope that comes about….

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