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A tribute to the TSCC Resistance Fighters by Zac Alston here:

…the #TSCC Resistance is different. This Resistance brought online organizing to a level that rivals President Obama’s run for the White House. There were well thought-out websites, blogs, podcasts, constant Twitter and chat communication, creating videos to spread the word, calling and writing letters to Fox, a REAL grassroots effort, everything short of going door to door.

And none of this was done for money. None of it was done for recognition or personal gain. It was done simply in the hope that a show we enjoy would be given another season. That’s it. So, this is all I have to say in closing.

To the Resistance: Despite tomorrow’s outcome, it’s been a fantastic privilege to get to know all of you over the course of the past couple of months. Remember the fun times that went with fighting for this show, be proud of what each of you contributed and accomplished, and stay in touch! We’ll have plenty to talk about when season 3 comes on in the Fall. =)

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