Obama Budget Deficit: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Graph….

Obamanomics post at HotAir here:

..We’re gonna need a bigger graph, soon, one that fades the pinkish Obama-bars the rest of the way out and pinks the obsolete CBO-reds, then adds some new reds or maybe some psychedelic paisleys in the honor of Baby Boomers and their worthless retirement portfolios, since economic growth and unemployment figures have already negated the chartmaker’s assumptions, since major spending initiatives have not yet been incorporated, since major financing mechanisms (like the Obama version of cap-and-tax) are in grave political doubt, and since in this context the inevitable failures of prognostication dynamically and exponentially undermine all attempts to prognosticate….

What is that over on the left...of yeah a SURPLUS....

What is that over on the left...of yeah a SURPLUS....

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  3. pjnoel replied:

    HAhaha, good analogy. I posted the same graph on my blog.


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