United Nations Names Big Dawg as Special Envoy to Haiti….

A month ago Big Dawg at the Haiti Donors Conference:

The trip Big Dawg and UN took in March before the conference:

Good. The Big Dawg has a lot to give and TOTUS has him in a box..Notice it is the U.N. giving him a role not the WH…now that Hill is SoS Big Dawg’s Foundation work is limited…glad to see him out there helping…he raises a lot of money for foreign aid…


The United Nations has named former President Bill Clinton as its special envoy to Haiti.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday that Mr. Clinton would aim to help Haiti recover from a series of devastating hurricanes and long-term instability.

Mr. Ban told a news conference in Geneva that “it is very important to help this country.”

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    […] schedule, flies back to D.C. to work on assisting Haiti… Hillary and the Big Dawg ( as UN Special Envoy to Haiti) are working to assist Haiti while Lamestream Media and Al Sharpton work on tearing them […]


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