Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles Cancelled WTF!- Josh Friedman pitched S3 with no Cameron?!…

From Serria12, WOW WOTS is Friedman pitched the show without Cameron for S3?!?! WTH?!

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ABC’s ‘V’ Trailer and clips…

h/t scifiwire

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Clips Courtesy of rabbidtelevision

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Fall Lineup – Network Executive Freaks continue to diss fans: NBC disses Medium, CBS picks it up…

WTH is wrong with these network executives?? Why are they dissing fans? Now this loon at NBC calls a highly successful show, the only NBC show I watch in fact, Medium which I DVR, an ageing franchise without a single fan letter”?? WTH?! I mean look at TSCC we wrote thousands of letters and Reilly kicked us in the teeth too..

At least CBS which produces Medium defended it, I would LOVE to see WB and Halcyon puulllleeeeeze pick up TSCC and defend the honor of our show and fans like this….


..After a sniping match between NBC and CBS executives about Medium, CBS added the Patricia Arquette supernatural drama to its Friday nights, following Ghost Whisperer, in the upfront announcement of its fall schedule on Wednesday in New York.

As expected, CBS canceled the sci-fi series Eleventh Hour.

The buzz had been that CBS would pick up Medium, which is produced by CBS TV Studios, if NBC decided to cancel it, which it did on Tuesday.

NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman had said Medium was “an aging franchise, without a single fan letter, with no passion” after the show’s cancellation.

CBS TV Studios shot back in a statement: “NBC’s cancellation of Medium is inexplicable to us. The ratings don’t lie: Medium outperforms many of NBC’s renewed shows.”

Since it’s unlikely Silverman would diss the show that had served them well for no reason, his statement likely reflected the knowledge that CBS would pick up the show…

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Update: The GOP Plan: Rep. Paul Ryan: House GOP Health Care Plan: Patients’ Choice Act


Update:  RCP The GOP Plan presented by Coburn, Burr, Ryan and Nunes:

Frankly I really like it and I am damned picky about health care reform:, Think what an amazing day it is when the GOP is proposing health care reform that incorporates the basic tenets to ensure consistent coverage with automatic enrollment and access to Congress’ plan as well as bypassing the dreaded McCarran Ferguson Act which prevents interstate federal regulation, allowing interstate policy purchases woohoo competition baby

and they eliminate the dreaded pre ex limitations. We have won a major battle to get coverage expanded by virtue of this proposal itself and frankly in our current financial situation this plan covers the immediate needs and does not cost us trillions of dollars we simply do not have….and anyone who thinks Dems in Congress and TOTUS will put thrpugh a public option are smokin rope, they will kill it; trading it away for nothing at the last minute, and say they tried!! boohoo,  leaving us with the private carriers getting a bunch of new enrollees and premiums and a govt panel to run it all like an HMO-

Remember the stories on 20/20 the HORROR of patients in HMOs denied an MRI and dying, denied EXPERIMENTAL NON FDA APPROVED treatments and people were outraged, now our own govt is preparing to act as an HMO and deny us coverage,

go Google that new Colonoscopy Scan they have that Medicare just denied coverage for…now that procedure will not be done in volume, and progress will not happen, the price will not drop, the technology will not be pursued, the cost containment method of funding health care expansion as proposed by Team TOTUS will kill genetic single person cure developments etc..

Highlights of the GOP Legislation – Patients’ Choice Act (if you like it Call your Congress Critters):

  • We have introduced a comprehensive health care reform bill, the Patients’ Choice Act that, we believe, will bring us far closer to the goal of universal coverage than the Obama plan. Our bill, in specific legislative language, does the following:
  1. we would shift health care tax benefits to individuals and families in the form of a “Medi-Choice” tax rebate worth about $2,200 for individuals and $5,700 for families. Under our plan, if you like the health care you have, you can keep it – but you’ll have more money in your pocket because you will still receive a tax rebate.
  2. The Patients’ Choice Act lowers health care costs and insurance premiums by more sensibly caring for those with chronic illnesses and those deemed “uninsurable.”
  3. In addition to innovative prevention initiatives, our plan utilizes risk adjustment mechanisms and other options at the State level – such as reinsurance and risk pools – to extend coverage to those with chronic medical conditions.
  4. we recognize that markets can’t solve all problems. That’s why our bill prevents cherry picking – when insurance companies choose to cover only healthy patients – by equalizing risk across insurance companies and reversing the perverse incentives that leave those most vulnerable with the fewest options.
  5. Our bill creates voluntary state-based solutions – state health exchanges – that will offer health insurance benefits using the same standard used for Members of Congress. Every American would have guaranteed access to coverage and care under this plan, regardless of patient age or health history.
  6. And to ensure that states get to design the solutions their patients need, states would have the freedom to form voluntary pooling arrangements with other state exchanges to diversify risk pools, ease administrative burdens and cover costs for insurance.
  7. We also provide simple new opportunities for automatic enrollment to help people who need coverage
  8. We remove the stigma from Medicaid recipients and give them the ability to purchase the health coverage and care they need from any provider. We preserve Medicaid for the blind, aged, and disabled and we eliminate widespread fraud in the programs. We do all this and still save states and the federal government about $1.3 trillion over the next 10 years.

COSTS excerpt:  our bill accomplishes these goals without spending any new federal money, or raising taxes. If this sounds too good to be true, we would note that the problem in health care is not that we don’t spend enough, but that Americans aren’t getting enough value for their dollars. On a per capita basis, America spends nearly twice what other industrialized nations spend on health care yet we are hardly twice as healthy.

House GOP leaders to unveil alternative health care plan

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*Rascals courtesy of conkyjoe:


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UPDATE 5: Video added; Marty Feldstein comes out of TOTUS meeting and not playing ball, says consumers hurt by cap and trade, hurts economy..OMG Geithner just told DeMint that it is Treasury attys view that they have a 700B revolving line of credit in TARP legislation!!! Geithner on the Hill…again…

Update 5: Vodpod videos no longer available.

Update 4: Marty Feldstein comes out of economic advisers meeting talking to Becky Quick LIVE now CNBC

NOT playing along, says hour was spent talking about cap n trade and he raised the concerns about consumer rising prices and costs to recovering economy, Feldstein is explaining to Americans that TOTUS Team is REALLY EXCITED about cap and trade and basically telling us to CALL OUR CONGRESS CRITTERS and VOICE OUR NO VOTES and OPPOSITION to cap and trade or it is coming!!!

I love that Feldstein wont be a pawn and is giving his HONEST OPINION, It is a hidden tax he says….CALL YOUR CRITTERS JUST SAY NO TO HIGHER ENERGY COSTS IN A DAMNED RECESSION!

Call here

FYI Markets were up nicely and are turning lower as Tim says they have revolving 700B of our money to use as they see fit while TOTUS Econ Adviser Team says cap and trade is coming but they say it is green jobs !

Update 3: SHxt, now they jumped to the Council of Economic Advisers talking after meeting with TOTUS, It os GE’s Immelt talking about how we need, wait for it..GREEN JOBS,…ZOMG!! Another nail in the economys coffin….gee wonder why GE is so interested in this and healthcare, evil bastids…

Update 2: Vittner following up saying Sen Gregg wrote to Treasury telling them this is contrary to Senate’s understanding of TARP law when it passed. Tim is pushing back says he wrote a letter back, (yesterday) and now saying I understand but our reading of the law is that we have this power…SHXT CNBC interrupted to go to SEC..frak!

OMG OMG OMG DeMint just got Tim to admit Treasury and Admin lawyers in reviewing TARP legislation believe they have ONGOING authority to CONTINUE to use 700B out of General Funds to do with as they see fit in the financial markets..OMG OMG OMG

DeMint said if it is paid back it goes back into General Funds right, that is taken from what you can use. Tim said Yes and NO It goes to General Funds but WE CAN STILL DRAW IT AND USE IT DeMint said permanently, Tim said not sure about permanently but our attorneys say on an ongoing basis..


Will get video up as soon as humanly possible…


If you are a glutton for punishment like I am, lol, watch live on CNBC Stream here

He is testifying before Dodd, friend of Angelo’s Cmte….ugh…


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Your Geek News:Preview: Does McG spell Salvation for Terminator Franchise? Exclusive Film Clips..(some small spoilers)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

From the fabulous YourGeekNews:

After an atrocious T3, it looked like the Terminator film series was suffering from classic franchise fatigue (seriously, THREE movies about the same exact plot?). But with the arrival of McG in the director’s chair, we’ve got a movie about the coolest part of the Terminator universe: the dystopian future that all these wacky killing machines are from. Not to be confused with three hot babes who work for a talking speaker.

With a killer film look, some great actors, and a NEW idea for once, Terminator looks like it’s relevant again, and ready to rock this summer’s blockbuster season… we’ve got a sweet preview with TONNES of scenes from the film and interviews with the cast and crew!

~Matt + Nat

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Video Update: Governator says cuts are coming: CA budget propositions go down in flames…

Bloomberg Exclusive with Ahnold last night about what CA will do now:

LA Times, UGH, has the final numbers with pretty pie charts

Ace has the scoop, we were 3-1 against when I turned in:

The Secretary of State’s office has confirmed that all props except 1F have failed.


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TSCC Cancelled! Crusader’s Reaction and a call to action…

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From our wonderful Crusader and cinebo:TAKE ACTION! LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD






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Tribute from catarinamarie

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