Over There: Remembering WWI – Music and pictures of The Great War

God Bless the Troops and the unsung supporters who made it possible for them to fight for all of us

Courtesy of Incecomcompany

The Great War #1, World War 1 Era Period Music and Pictures. WW1 spanned from August of 1914 to November of 1918 and raged across the globe. The United States was officially involved in the war from April 1917 to the end.

The doughboys are nearly forgotten today in the shadow of World War 2, Vietnam and Iraq. Millions of American men and women, black and white, served our country in The Great War. This series of shorts shows the music of their time and photographs from the Great War.

Brought to you by the team that created the High Definition documentary series, World War 1 American Legacy. World War 1 American Legacy is available on DVD from retailers like Amazon.com

Official website: http://www.GreatWarFilm.com

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  1. Soldier's Mail replied:

    Readers may also enjoy Soldier’s Mail which is a site featuring the writings home of US Sgt Sam Avery from the front lines of American involvement in the Great War from the hot sands along the Rio Grande to the cold mud along the Meuse. Letters are posted on the same date they were written more than 90 years ago. Stop by and come march along with the Most Gallant Generation!


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