IGNentertainment – Drag Me To Hell Video Review; Sam Raimi Interview..

From IGNentertainment:

Sam Raimi returns to horror and IGN loves him for it.

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One for the Road for GM: Inside Look – GM to File Chapter 11 on Monday – Bloomberg

YouTube – Inside Look – GM to File Chapter 11 on Monday – Bloomberg.

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Fleetwood Mac: MiM Meets Mick…

MiM Meets Mick


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Inside Look – Mortgage Delinquencies Rise – Bloomberg

YouTube – Inside Look – Mortgage Delinquencies Rise – Bloomberg.

Mortgage Delinquencies, Foreclosures, and 30-Year Rates Increase – Interview with Mortgage Bankers Association Chairman Jay Brinkmann (Bloomberg News)

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Legend of the Seeker: Craig Horner and Bridget Regan Interviews…

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Bond Vigilantes Ride Again – CNBC.com

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The 30 yr mortgage rate is rising above 5% again..Rickster lays down the case that quantitative easing is only effective very short term…

How about we make some use of Fannie and Freddie now that we own them and all, and have 3% mortgages bought by FAN/FRED…..HOLC HOLC Baby….

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Marc Faber predicts Zimbabwe-like hyperinflation for US economy…

Sadly I agree, I think Bernanke will be replaced by Larry Summers and if so, Summers will cave to political pressure unlike say Volker in the Bush I era, and he will fail to raise rates or sell MBS’ when necessary, thus we will hit it the hard way, roll a hard 6 as Adama would say….

Smoke ’em if you got ’em, it’s gonna be a looooooong rough patch..

At the very end here of Part 2 of the interview Faber is 100% sure of hyperinflation, continues into Part 3. ..


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Ab Fab no more: Christian LaCroix goes bust….


Christian Lacroix, the French fashion house famous for its expensive haute couture, has declared insolvency after falling foul of the global recession.

The collapse of Lacroix, which is owned by the Falic Group, a duty free retailer, and employs 125 people, has been attributed to the effects of the global downturn and consumers’ reluctance to spend money on luxury goods.

The fashion house, which was a favourite of characters in the British television comedy Absolutely Fabulous because of its extravagant and expensive designs, said that it had “filed a voluntary petition with the Tribunal de Commerce de Paris to put itself under the protection of the courts” and that it intended to maintain its business operations throughout proceedings.

…With the onset of the recession, major retailers had begun to stop buying new Lacroix merchandise and in April, Neiman Marcus Group and Saks reduced their orders for Lacroix products.

The high-fashion brand was launched by Christian Lacroix 22 years ago and has become well-known for its colourful gypsy-themed clothes.

Clips courtesy of 22echomike

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