Fleetwood Mac: MiM Meets Mick…

MiM Meets Mick

MiM Meets Mick

Sooo totally awesome, in every conceivable way!! Mick is incredibly kewl, no surprise, but soo charming and ‘real’ people, if you know what I mean. We were able to go on stage before the show, where many roadies looked ready to cry at the thought we might touch something and frak up the sound, poor dudes!

Mick told tales and took questions and posed for photos (and signed my Tour poster and even wrote Happy Anniversary!). We talked about our dogs of all things and his Labradoodles! He kissed me on the cheek!! *fierce blush*

Beyond frakkin kewl is what it was!

We were also able to get in front of the stage with our passes and boy did we evah! We are directly in front of Lindsey Buckingham (see vids!) and he is sweating on us as he lets loose with incredible passion and giving it his absolute all. And it showed, he shone and he was on fire baby… One of the most underrated guitar virtuosos of our time is Lindsey…

I have always been a Stevie fan in particular and she brought it, but nothing like Lindsey, he was just ON. They came back for Encore 3 with Dont Stop after Lindsey had practically lost his voice, 3 hours non stop no opener, what a show!

Here some vids from the show, MiM are right in front of Lindsey I can actually see us there and I am ECSTATIC some intrepid fan got these up on youtube so I can save them and relive this vicariously through the video, lol!!!

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