YARM: Alien being remade now?! Nooooooo!!!

Oh surely not!!! Apparently Ridley Scott has succumbed to that same disease that struck George Lucas, the one in which they frak with their early classics and pixx off fans..


Bloody-Disgusting, citing an anonymous source, reports the rumor that director Ridley Scott’s classic 1979 sci-fi horror movie Alien is being remade at 20th Century Fox.

The source, the same one that told the site correctly that Robert Rodriguez would reboot the Predator series, adds that Scott, his brother Tony and Michael Costigan will produce through their Scott Free Productions company, and that commercial/video director Carl Rinsch will direct the remake…

Why, why, why do they keep frakking with our films? Is there not a single spark of originality in these people or what? WTH are we paying them for? FIND SOMETHING NEW LEAVE OUR CLASSICS ALOOOOONE!!


And who the hell will be Ripley? this sucks!!!!

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