Lindsey Buckingham from the front row…

Yep that’s me doing aeiiieeee and whoooooo hoooooo, LOL!! This is AWESOME that the peep next to me videoed this, okay gonna put up a few clips, you can see for yourself that Lindsey is ON and gave it his ALL, INTENSE!

Look at Lindsey here practically in our laps!!

Look at him pointing at all of us, oh RIGHTEOUS BABY!

Lindsey and Stevie hugging, awwwwwww it was sooooo kewlllllll, Mick spoke about Sara backstage before the show, when asked about the song,. He said Stevie is very good friends with his ex wife Sara and wrote the song for her, awww…will get more still pics up soon..

and one more time for Jim- Hey Jim this is for you!!


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  1. Minni MiM replied:

    Oh dear, we are still so alike. There are so many concert videos that I have that you can hear me singing along in the backround. lol You still sing like the best of ’em!!!


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