TSCC : Back then & A Message to Chinese Fans….

Vodpod videos no longer available.*

Sadly it looks like SciFi is not a go :0( maybe reruns, Craig Engler at SciFi was fabulous about it, total antithesis of how FOX and reilly in particular treated our efforts:

  1. Received a very nice note from TSCC fans this morning: http://www.savethescc.com/s…about 7 hours ago from web
  1. I have to say, TSCC fans r great and I’ve enjoyed talking with u all the last few weeks. It’s been a pleasure. U r a smart, dedicated group!1:06 PM Jun 1st from web
  2. TSCC fan update: While we have a great deal of respect for the show, economically it’s not feasible for Sci Fi. Sorry gang. Thx 4 ur notes1:01 PM Jun 1st from web


我的名字是aelysian ,我是www.savethescc.com 的主持人。

我只知道一點中文,因此我用谷歌(Google)的中文翻譯, 所以我希望您能瞭解這章文。

每個影迷都是非常重要的。  無論身在何處,所有的影迷需要團結集體努力支持電視公司繼續 播送這個電視 節目.
我們希望能找到和我們有共同興趣的Sarah Connor Chronicles 影迷, 願意與我們一起合作,以促進這電視節目.

因此,如果在這互聯網有任何能瞭解並願意用英語與我們聯絡的中國影迷, 請與我聯繫: moderators@savethescc.com

我們需要你的幫助將我們的通訊翻譯成中文, 並上傳到互聯網.


*Created by WPrisonLoveM

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E3 2009 Wrap Up…Super Mario Galaxy Plus & Ninja Gaiden developer creates Metroid: Other M – Trailer..

Courtesy of CivilizedGamer

Nintendo announces their collaboration with Team Ninja on Metroid: Other M … a seemingly darker and deeper take on the classic Metroid series.


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MARVEL: Weekly Watcher: Deadpool, HALO Uprising…


Alexa Mendez wraps up this short week with big Marvel news including the Top 70 Covers of all time, a preview of DEADPOOL: MERC WITH A MOUTH #1, new HALO UPRISING site, Marvel/SNL crossovers and much more!

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Peter Schiff on American Expatriation….

From PeterSchiff Channel:

America is the biggest banana Republic , most Americans will leave to Canada”
for More :

Harper’s Guide to Expatriation, funny to some, essential reading for others!

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First Look: E3 – Project Natal….

Here comes Xbox after Wii, looks kickin too…

From Bloomberg:

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Starts Today – Interview with Xbox Global Brand Director Heather Snavely (Bloomberg News)

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U.K. politics: Brown team resignations continue…Jacqui Smith leaves Cabinet post..


Gordon Brown shows no signs of backing away from his spending and tax hike spree even as public outrage grows and his cabinet is shuffled and the Parliament is buffeted by the expense scandal...TOTUS has increased his spending pushes  also since our Tea Parties, these political people seem to have no grasp of the divide between the opinions of the populace and their political classes…the next elections on both sides of the pond should be fun to watch….if our respective economies can tread water that long……you knew Jacqui Smith would go, I am shocked she is trying to hold her home seat, I mean expensing her hubbys pron? come on people..Michael Savage is no doubt laughing….

..She was also forced to pay back £10 she claimed for the two adult films watched by her husband, Richard Timney, who is employed as her assistant….

There is that ugly nepotism again, our Pols do it too, it sucks, so taxpayers pay for her hubby to work as her assistant AND paid for his pron!? OutRAGEOUs!!!


Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, is to stand down from the Cabinet to focus her efforts on saving her Commons seat …

…On a day when it appeared when the Prime Minister’s control of events was looking particularly shaky, it emerged that another minister was also heading for the exit. Tom Watson is standing down as Cabinet Office minister…

…in addition, three other Labour MPs – David Chaytor, Beverley Hughes and Patricia Hewitt – announced that they would be leaving the Commons at the next election, adding their names to an increasingly long list….

And a new Treasury Secretary on their Cabinet now…wait until he gets a load of Geithner, good luck getting your calls returned !

…Ms Smith’s decision to jump before she was pushed – she had been widely expected to be moved from her post – paves the way for an even broader Cabinet shake-up in a reshuffle now expected on Monday.

That reshuffle is also expected to see Alistair Darling moved from the Treasury in favour of Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary. Mr Darling, one of the Prime Minister’s oldest political allies, could be offered another senior Cabinet post, perhaps that of Foreign Secretary….

*Gordon Brown does James Brown courtesy of brianjamesmulligan

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Nuke power for he but not for we..Video – Obama: Iran Has “Legitimate Aspirations” For Nuclear Power

So Iran can have nuclear energy even though they sit on more oil and gas than anyone else and want to wipe Israel off the map, but we in America can not have nuke energy just because it is dirty and stuff…m’kay then just so’s we’re all clear….OY VEY…Ed at HA has more

And PS -A company in China bought Hummer from GM cause again, it is okay for China to pump tons of CO2 into the atmosphere driving giant  tank like vehicles but again, not for us, we have to drive a SUBcompact to prove to the world we care or something…I am not really clear on how crippling American industry and sticking it to Middle Class Americans on everything they buy is going to help us…

Guess we need to wait until TOTUS goes to Egypt and explains to the muslims of the world how we are going to change to make them happy, then our American TOTUS loving media can tell us how to think and feel and live in the new era of Obama…

and PPSS – TOTUS instructed the State Dept to invite all Iranian diplomats to American Embassy Fourth of July parties, I am sure American Media will cover that but not the tea parties we have that day….(as one HA commenter points out the last time an A-jad look alike partied at an American embassy it didn’t go too well for us)

I am still waiting for Obama to come out and decry that cowardly attack on two American military members in front of a recruiting station by a homegrown Muslim convert the way he decried the Tiller shooting…waiting waiting waiting……

more about “Nuke [power for he but not forThee……“, posted with vodpod

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Lunchtime Workout: Running Man – Utah Saints – Something Good…

Okay get up from your office chair and float on air, do the Running Man…

Courtesy of datarecordsUK

Utah Saints, Something Good 08 – this is The Van She Remix everybody is talking about -download from 3rd March (it was the 10th, but demand has brought it forward!!), in shops 17th March 2008.


Having sold over 2 million records to date, recorded with the likes of REM’s Michael Stipe, and performed with U2 and others on mega-stadium tours, Utah Saints remain one of the most trail-blazing outfits within electronic music. Following a self-imposed exile, Tim Garbutt and Jez Willis buried the Utah Saints name in the early Noughties (following unreleased albums and contract oblivion), vowing to return under that guise when the time was right. In the meantime they’ve produced and remixed under their Beatvandals moniker, DJed all over the world, and run the highly successful club night, Sugarbeat, in both England and Scotland.

Now ready to take the world by storm once more, Utah Saints are back in 2008, recording new material for a studio album and playing gigs across the UK, with a mix compilation also planned before the year is out.

‘Something Good 08 (Van She Tech Remix)’ first saw the light of day last year, following Australia’s answer to Soulwax, Van She’s, reworking of the Utah’s original 1992 Top 5 hit. Now signed to the all-conquering Data Records for a full release, expect it to follow the label’s 8 Top 10 hits in 2007.

Remixes come from High Contrast, Ian Carey, Prok & Fitch, eSquire, and Bart B More.

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