E3 2009 Wrap Up…Super Mario Galaxy Plus & Ninja Gaiden developer creates Metroid: Other M – Trailer..

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Nintendo announces their collaboration with Team Ninja on Metroid: Other M … a seemingly darker and deeper take on the classic Metroid series.

Starring Stevie T:

Game List:
New Super Mario Wii (With 4 Played Co-Op) – Holiday 2009
Wii Fit Plus (Didn’t Say Sorry lolz)
Wii Sport 2 – July
Kindom Hearts DS
Mario & Lugi Bowsers Inside Story – Fall
Golden Sun DS – Fall
DSi Cartoon Filpbook – Summer
Mario VS Donkey Kong 3 – June 8th
Wario Ware D.I.Y
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Super Mairo Galaxy 2
Metord Other M

New Hardware:
Wii Vitality Sensor

Fidgit wraps E3 Nintendo coverage here:

….There were several RPG announcements specifically for the Nintendo DS: Golden Sun DS, a Kingdom Hearts for the DS, and a North American release of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story in which the brothers adventure through the villainous turtles innards. Nintendo insisted the Wii can be hardcore by showing footage from the Wii exclusives Dead Space: Extraction, The Conduit, and Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles.

For the broader audiences, the DSi will be able to upload photos to Facebook. User-created downloadable content is coming to the DSi in Wario Ware: DIY, where you can make your own microgames, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again, where you can make your own Lemmings-style puzzle levels. Women’s Murder Club, based on the best-selling mystery writer James Patterson’s potboiler, features three female protagonists doing things like a mahjongg minigame.

Mrs MiM here that sounds cool Womens Murder Club, I need a pink DSi, see!! they know how to market….

Style Savvy is a virtual boutique game for tween girls. Tween girls — more specifically their parents’ credit cards — are getting a lot of love at E3 this year.

But the really exciting announcements were for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M. Based on a trailer with lots of footage of various planets, Galaxy 2 looks like more of the nifty stuff from Galaxy 1. Galaxy Plus, if you will. But the new Metroid looks like a real departure. It’s a third-person action game that seems to go deeper in the background of Metroid protagonist Samus Aran. And here’s the kicker: the developer is Team Ninja, the folks who made the brutally hardcore Ninja Gaiden series….

Check Out Stevie here:
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