TSCC : Back then & A Message to Chinese Fans….

Vodpod videos no longer available.*

Sadly it looks like SciFi is not a go :0( maybe reruns, Craig Engler at SciFi was fabulous about it, total antithesis of how FOX and reilly in particular treated our efforts:

  1. Received a very nice note from TSCC fans this morning: http://www.savethescc.com/s…about 7 hours ago from web
  1. I have to say, TSCC fans r great and I’ve enjoyed talking with u all the last few weeks. It’s been a pleasure. U r a smart, dedicated group!1:06 PM Jun 1st from web
  2. TSCC fan update: While we have a great deal of respect for the show, economically it’s not feasible for Sci Fi. Sorry gang. Thx 4 ur notes1:01 PM Jun 1st from web


我的名字是aelysian ,我是www.savethescc.com 的主持人。

我只知道一點中文,因此我用谷歌(Google)的中文翻譯, 所以我希望您能瞭解這章文。

每個影迷都是非常重要的。  無論身在何處,所有的影迷需要團結集體努力支持電視公司繼續 播送這個電視 節目.
我們希望能找到和我們有共同興趣的Sarah Connor Chronicles 影迷, 願意與我們一起合作,以促進這電視節目.

因此,如果在這互聯網有任何能瞭解並願意用英語與我們聯絡的中國影迷, 請與我聯繫: moderators@savethescc.com

我們需要你的幫助將我們的通訊翻譯成中文, 並上傳到互聯網.


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