True Blood Season 2: Sneak Peeks & Scoop from creator Alan Ball and the incredible career of Michelle Forbes…

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Kewl! Love to see the link to the books is there, but loose enough so we dont know for sure what will happen next…



…”Everything gets deeper,” Ball said on Tuesday. “Everything gets more intense. It’s a lot scarier. It’s sexier. It’s just really, really fun. I feel like each season is a novel, and the episodes are just chapters. Especially the way our show is. The episodes are not self-contained. You know, you gotta be involved in the story, and you gotta know what’s going on.”

True Blood’s second season begins June 14 in its Sunday 9 p.m. ET/PT timeslot. The season is based loosely on the second book in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Series, Living Dead in Dallas, Ball said.

“Sookie [Anna Paquin] and Bill [Stephen Moyer] will go to Dallas to help find a missing vampire who is the sheriff of the Dallas area,” Ball said. “And Jason [Ryan Kwanten] is going to become involved in the Fellowship of the Sun Church in a way that is really surprising. … There’s a very interesting relationship in the show between Rev. Steve Newland of the Fellowship of the Sun Church and his wife, Sarah [Anna Camp], and Jason, that just took on its own life as we were shooting, and it’s hilarious. I can’t get enough of the Newlands and Jason together.”

And Sookie’s hometown of Bon Temps will have some drama as well when Maryann Forrester, played by Michelle Forbes, “begins stirring up all kinds of trouble,” Ball said. Last season Maryann appeared to offer Tara (Rutina Wesley) some goodwill and a place to stay. But “she’s got an agenda, and it’s not a good one,” Ball said….

Ball also said there will be no Bubba/Elvis as he couldn’t get it in without seeming cheesy…ahh well, maybe we will get to have a few more seasons of Lafayette instead (you fans of the novels know what I mean!!!!)

And is anyone else INCREDIBLY impressed with Michelle Forbes’ career? I mean she is in practically every must see series of which I am a fan, ST:TNG, ST DS9, 24, Lost, Wonderland, BSG, True Blood, even In Treatment ….she is the six degrees of Michelle Forbes now baby, Kevin Bacon is old school lol…


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Great Mulan-Be A Man – Razor Tribute to the women of Razor, lol!!!

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