Friday Night Horror: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark…

OMG I cannot even believe this is up on Youtube!! This movie scared the living hell out of me as a kid, terrified for years I tell you. I was like 5 when I saw this…miracle I sleep at night to this day, lol…and Jim Hutton was also Ellery Queen…wish they would put Ellery Queen out on DVD…..but I digress..probably putting off watching the movie, HA!

I have not seen this in 33 years and I vividly remember the napkin scene, the shower scene, the flash going off when she is being dragged…man they pretty much scared the crxp out of us kids in the 70s,  I think this was on Ch 7 at 4:30pm after school….no wonder we were tough little frakkers, we bounded back after kerbanger incidents, ( I mean they were lethal weapons those kerbangers I loved mine).. toxic plastic bubble blow up stuff on a stick, red m & m’s…ahh those were the days…we had so much crxp in us any Chinese lead paint didnlt stand a chance….

Courtesy of SciFiPilots, see here for complete movie on playlist:

Ranking with Dan Curtis’ Trilogy of Terror as one of the spookiest made-for-TV horror films of the 1970’s, this atmospheric monster chiller stars Kim Darby and Jim Hutton as a comfortable, reasonably happy young couple who inherit the archetypal “Old Dark House” from the wife Sally’s deceased aunt. While renovating the creepy mansion, they enter a previously-sealed room, which features a securely bricked-up fireplace. Despite the insistence of a local contractor (My Three Sons’ William Demarest) that they leave the room undisturbed, Sally’s husband manages to open the flue, releasing a horde of shriveled mini-monsters imprisoned there for decades. The little demons immediately fixate their malevolent attention on Sally in an effort to claim her soul, a mission which can only be averted by the love of her husband — which, in light of his self-centered careerism, means poor Sally’s pretty much on her own…


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BSG: Fidgit E3: ‘Romo Lampkin is really good at Wii shooter The Conduit’…

:0) I was sure Romo was one of the Final Five…

Video courtesy of Zieslol

Ambling up to Sega’s booth at E3, I was only mildly surprised to see actor Mark Sheppard loitering about. You probably know him from Battlestar Galactica as Romo Lampkin, a lawyer with an imaginary cat and briefly President of the Colonies. It’s only mildly surprising to see him here, because he’s the main voice actor in The Conduit, a Wii shooter Sega will release later this month..

…But what was most surprising was that Mr. Sheppard wasn’t loitering at all. He was actually demoing the game. He knew enough about it to explain the different weapons, and to guide players to a few secret areas, and even to go into the options screen and mess around with some of the more elaborate customization options. For instance, he knew that a PC gamer like me would want a tighter bounding box to more closely tie the cursor movement to the character movement. He knew enough to explain about HUD transparency. He knew to call the Z button on the nunchuk attachment a Z button.

But the real surprise was when he took up the Wiimote himself. I don’t know if the dude is just good at shooters or if he’s simply been playing a lot of The Conduit. He not only managed to play the game well — and beat one of the bosses — but he had the rare ability to play well while answering annoying questions from a journalist (i.e. me). “What’s that bar mean?” “How do you get more health back?” “Is that ammo?” “Who are those guys?” “Can you take his gun?” “What happens if you go that way?”…

Ahh the good ole days of BSG courtesy of BSGCast/YourGeekNews

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TGIF! TV 1976..

This beats celebrity dancing with the unknown stars any day…

from muzikman74

and if you remember the one below, you likely saw the same weird scary movies I did after school!! Dont Be Afraid of the Dark scared the living hell out of me!! (OMG  I just found it on youtube , this baby is getting its own post!) And all the weird Hope Lange witch descendant movies too (if anyone knows the names of any of those give me a shoutout in comments please). I thought this was a frog when I was a kid, lol

and if you remember that, I KNOW you remember this:

Courtesy of AmusementFilms


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Update: Much lower than expected DOW futures up sharply over 100…Market Mover Friday: May Jobs Report release 8:30 am EST…


Unemployment rate is 9.4%, highest since August 83, 14.5 million people unemployed

Smaller than expected 345,000 jobs lost in May…. WELL below estimate of 500k, something is verry wrong with this number, revisions will be pure hell next month, I call BS..The 10 yr is on a tear now, yield just hit 3.86, this does not help the Fed…hey take good news where we can I guess, but I dont believe it….Oil just crossed 70 bucks…

See CNBC I have a date with a laser this morning, autoposts for the day…TGIF!

Mrs. MiM is having surgery this morning so she can add Six Million Dollar man vision to her Jamie Sommers like hearing, go to here for the job figures when they are released..Auto posts for the next few days…TGIF

CNBC Stock Market Insider:

…The May employment report, released at 8:30 a.m. Friday, is expected to show a reduction of another 525,000 non-farm payrolls last month, and an unemployment rate of 9.2 percent. If there were new jobs last month, they were added by the government, which hired 60,000 census workers in April.

As bad as it is, this could be the best showing in six months. “Anecdotally, firms are saying things are still really bad but not as bad as the first part of the year. It looks like the worst of it occurred in the first quarter. It’s really a question of how these numbers taper off in the next few months,” said Stephen Stanley, chief economist at RBS Greenwich Capital….

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