Saturday Flashback: 1976 Big Wheels, The Bicentennial, the Camaro, the single mom sitcoms and Nadia Comaneci…

Sweet Ride!

Sweet Ride!

As I am setting up autoposts , I am thinking of my son, who is the age I was in 1976. Looking at the popular culture in 1976, we were celebrating our love for America and the newscasters were too! We had incredibly awesome music of all varieties, the economy sucked and divorce was an absolute wave, but kids played outside unsupervised all day, I rode my Big Wheels all around and didn’t have to be home until dark… there were blackouts and crime and inflation (and Son of Sam in NYC where I was among other things) but we were proud of America, wish the media today could take a 1976 pill of some sort and get a grip…

dash big wheels

Man looking at the dash on this big Wheels with the stickers brings me RIGHT back there…oh man I loved my Big Wheels…MY GAWD look this thing even has the red white and blue streamers on the handles, OMG I loved those!!

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