SCOTUS allows Chrysler sale to Fiat: Rejects request to stop sale…

Update: CNBC

…The high court rejected a request from Indiana pension funds and other opponents of the sale to delay the deal while they challenge Chrysler’s sale to a group led by Fiat, a union-aligned trust and the U.S. and Canadian governments…

The Court did not have 4 Justices who felt the Indiana Pension funds had standing or claim to challenge the sale Phil LeBeau is reporting now..ergo the stay is lifted..Gee if only the Senior Secured Bondholders had COJONES and had filed, I am looking at you Perrella Weinberg….

…coming from Reuters via Larry Kudlow live on CNBC….

I know I play this one a lot, but it IS perfectly appropriate here….some say I always find AC/DC appropriate…well they are folks, they are…for every conceivable occasion or happening….

Courtesy of Longhorn2X

AC/DC, with the great Bon Scott, playing “Highway To Hell” live in Arnhem. 1979

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  1. ginaswo replied:

    chock, the primary point of this post is that since SCOTUS wont take the case, we are now in a contract free era, unheard of in America, out economy has run so well b/c we are a nation of LAW, it is in the Constitution, but Team TOTUS by shafting SECURED bondholders has violated hundreds of years of contract law..thus no sane investor will get into bed with this Administration, thus the GDP and job market will suffer..ya dig?


  2. ginaswo replied:

    we appear to be going to Carter Redux, hyperinflation vs stagflation, either SUCKS
    we are squeezing prvate capital out of the markeplace
    and the bond vigilantes are baaaack
    either they will force Team TOTUS to stop spending or raise taxes, massively, or they will kill the Golden Goose and we will see hyperinflation
    China is buying two ft knozs worth of GOLD
    We got here b/c aparently my ole cded to go back to being known for TAXING AND SPENDING and have forgotten all the good we did and had under the Big Dawg, that and the MEDIA sold us a moderate that didnt exist, Hill was the moderate..not TOTUS
    so as oil crossed 71 today I hope you r ready for the feeling of Carter on STeroids….


  3. chockblock replied:

    Where are we going, and why is the country in this hand basket?


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