Did Dylan Ratigan ‘screw over’ ABC? Is Jeff Macke leaving Fast Money next? Is MSNBC ready for Dylan?

Happier Days: September 18, 2006:

GAWKER says yes Dylan screwed ABC…

…Since loudly leaving CNBC in late March, Ratigan had been rumored to be going to ABC, perhaps to Good Morning America.

“In ABC’s mind, they had—and have—a deal with Ratigan,” says a source with knowledge of the negotiations. “This wasn’t a handshake deal. This was a deal deal. ABC got fucked, royally.”

…News of Ratigan’s departure from CNBC were accompanied by a leak to Page Six of a tape of him screaming at his producers: “I’m not going to host a fucking TV show that consists of reading fucking e-mails to fucking traders.”

More on that Page Six Audio:

…Page Six heard a tape of highly volatile Ratigan, who also co-anchors “The Call” and “Closing Bell,” ranting to a producer at a commercial break last summer: “Don’t ask me to talk about every [bleep]ing e-mail that comes up on the screen. I’m not going to host a [bleep]ing TV show that consists of reading [bleep]ing e-mails to [bleep]ing traders.” He then accuses Krakower of never addressing his concerns in private. “You know what, Susan, I’m in the middle of hosting a show right now, so now is an unwelcome time to hear your voice . . . If you want to pull me off the show, please do,” he roars. “[You are] rude and disrespectful. . . . You lie to me routinely.”…

Tell me they cannot possibly be SO STOOPID as to lose Jeff Macke now over at CNBC. Oh yeah I keep forgetting GE owned NBC tools:


…We’ve confirmed with multiple sources that Jeff Macke is indeed engaged in highly stressful contract talks with CNBC, and the network has indeed been limiting his airtime.

continues after the break…

…One source familiar with the situation speculates the talks utimately will end with Macke leaving the network, a la Dylan Ratigan. But Macke, though he has fans, is no Dylan Ratigan. He couldn’t carry his own show, he doesn’t have any obvious alternatives and, more importantly, his latest breakdown may have torpedoed any chance to get hired somewhere else.

And then these 2 reports:

BusinessInsider, May 29th:

…Jeff Macke fans rejoice! You haven’t seen the last of the Mackster on CNBC’s Fast Money. He wrote yesterday on Minyanville that he’ll be on the show Monday, though according to our source, this is just temporary. As we first reported last week, there are still no plans for him to extend his contract..

Here is Dealbreaker May 28 (who on May 22 reported they had ‘confirmed’ Macke was ‘finished with CNBC) with what Macke himself said on Minyanville:

Here’s what J-Mack wrote. Apparently the meltdown coincided with a vacation he’s had planned for a while.

Greetings from New York, where I’m taking a long-planned staycation, which morphed into a trip to Charlotte to adddress a ministry group on how to best help congregations deal with the financial crisis.

My underlying message was, is, and will likely remain:1. Don’t invest in hope, because that rules out anything financial (save, possibly, Goldman Sachs (GS));

2. Don’t “buy and hold” and get uninvested to the point where you rediscover your sense of peace regarding their financial positioning. At that point, let’s begin the rebellion against the pure lunacy and flat-out illegal manner in which this administration takes control of companies who long-ago earned the right to be euthanized.

All apologies to those offended by the absurd (and endless) bailout of General Motors (GM). If you’re delighted to pay for the better part of Detroit, I really can’t speak for or to you. You likely think I’m crazy, and I doubt you understand what’s unfolding before your very eyes. If you’re actually in favor of leapfrogging socialism straight into totalitarianism, let’s just agree not to talk to one another at all.

Regardless, I haven’t been “kicked off” or “put on probation” from Fast Money. I plan on being there next Monday. That’s simply all I have to say on the matter.

Love Macke! And of course the faux journOlists/atheletic supporters at MSNBC are goofing on Dylan already it seems, he made a bad choice, he should have gone to ABC:


He starts in an official capacity on June 29, in the 9-11AM timeslot (where he’ll compete for viewers with former colleagues Mark Haines and Erin Burnett…but D.Rat’s started working out with the team already….We’ve only caught this one clip but it doesn’t seem too good!

…It’s at around 4 minutes in that Joe and Co. start apologizing to Granholm, referring to D.Rat as “a spaz,” instruct him to “ask a question and be quiet,” and end the show by saying, “We’re very sorry about Dylan.”…

Go see the video here

And Exit50 goes Behind Pete’s Ponytail:

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  1. lynda replied:

    Fast Money stinks without Ratigan and now Macke. The others don’t tell it like it is. I like the other traders, the dynamic just isn’t there anymore.


  2. How To Make Money Fast replied:

    Sweet video! Thanks for the good read. 🙂



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