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Health Care: Video Update: Flashback – Dems on Medicare Cuts: TOTUS prepares to throw trial lawyers unda da bus…

Most important update – contact your Congress Critters!

Update: And I have another common sense question here, when parents divorce often a QMCSO Qualified Medical Child Support Order is issued by the court ordering parents to cover the children to age 18, you know like normal people do in America, the age of attainment being 18. Well if TOTUS MANDATES covering these ‘children’ to age 26, I for one would expect that the court would have to come back for that and readdress the issue.

Who is paying for this ‘child’s” coverage after age 18 when the parents are divorced?

So now we have to deal with our EXes for another 8 years after the kids are legally emancipated? Good luck getting deadbeat parents who dont pay child support to age 18 now to insure their children for 8 years BEYOND the attainment of adulthood….

more work for those backed up child support courts in the making…so cheeto eating Obots can coast til they are 26?! ugh

Frakkin ridiculous is what it is, no doubt TOTUS was in law school until age 26 and that is how he came up with this number, TOTALLY UNFEASIBLE IN PRACTICE..much like socialism..hmmmm….

Video from VerumSerum by way of Ed at HA:

Follow us at: While President Bush was in office, the Democrats spoke out vehemently against any proposed cuts in Medicare & Medicaid. Now that President Obama has proposed $622B in Medicare/Medicaid cuts to help pay for his healthcare plan, where are the Democrats now?

This is a rant zone….


OMG!! Hillyarious!!!!!

To sell Obamacare, TOTUS is going to tell the AMA that he will pass or enact some sort of ‘best practices’ protections for them…not a cap on medical malpractice verdicts which would be the only real way to reduce those unneccessary expenses they are so concerned about….

…There have been indications Obama has been quietly making a case for reducing malpractice lawsuits to help control costs, long a goal of the AMA and Republicans.Obama has not endorsed capping jury awards Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., said Monday that controlling the cost of malpractice insurance would have to be a part of the Obama administration’s overhaul of the health care system.

Daschle… said much of the unnecessary annual health care cost can be attributed to doctors ordering extra tests and taking extra precautions to make sure “they aren’t sued.”…

Politico covers what TOTUS is expected to say to the AMA here

…AMA President Nancy Nielsen said Sunday that the group is looking for a fix to the Medicare payment system that has cut doctor fees, and medical liability reform that puts caps on noneconomic damages.

The Obama administration outlined an additional $313 billion in new proposed savings Friday to pay for the president’s health care plan

. The savings would come from cutting or reducing the growth of payments to hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers and laboratories – though the major cuts don’t target doctors, White House budget director Peter Orszag said Friday….

Whenever Peter Orzsag is going on and on and on about how some states like Wisconsin use less medical care and how they plan to get the rest of the states to act like WI, I laugh and wonder how many doctors are in WI, how many specialists, what is their civil litigation system like there, how strong are their personal injury med mal attorneys lobbying groups there, what is the demographic of those living there….THOSE are the differences no doubt..

AZ and FL likely have many more hospital admissions cuz AZ and FL have many retirees who …you know…. get ill… b/c they are …you know…. older….Orzsag wants to stop what he calls ‘unnecessary readmissions to hospitals in the last 6 months of life’ which he claims do not show a better result than states like WI where apparently people arent so pesky about calling 911 when the elderly stop breathing or something…

Uhmm no thanks I will pass on having a pencil necked geek decide if I need to be readmitted. Hospitals are already wigging out over Team TOTUS proposed cuts…

..For instance, Obama wants to cut federal payments to hospitals by about $200 billion and cut $313 billion from Medicare and Medicaid over 10 years. He also is proposing a $635 billion “down payment” in tax increases and spending cuts in the health care system…

How will TOTUS stop lawsuits against hospitals and physicians who refuse to readmit a patient who THEN DIES? they cannot, they cannot legislate away the right to sue apparently and they are unwilling to cap verdicts cuz lawyers lobby too hard and donate too much…

thus the tests will continue, and I for one am perfectly fine with that..

Many Gen Yers who like the proposal may not remember the absolute nightmare that was HMOs before states started passing coverage mandates..

Anyone else here have to pay for their pesky anesthesia during labor? I did in 89. Yep, 42 HOURS OF LABOR and the HMO said the anesthesia was not medically necessary, thus I paid for it. I was also almost kicked out of the hospital in 24 hours after having my  baby because the HMOs used to do that to CONTAIN COSTS..sound familiar? yeah it is the Orszag Plan.

States and even the feds then MANDATED a length of hospital stay for women after giving birth to put an end to that. That is where we are headed. Every time the Medical Panel of SOOPERGENIUSES decides to limit something, some lobbyists will find the patient group or vice versa and Congress Critters will act..

This will ADD to administrative expenses as all states become as overly regulated as California and more manual claims processing becomes necessary to keep up with all the rule changes….

I worked for a PI Med Mal Wrongful Death firm in NYC for a time. One patient who was in her 20s was obese. She had a persistent cough. Her PCP, mindful of his HMO handlers, did NOT send her to an outpatient facility for a portable chest xray and she did not fit in the xray machine in the HMO radiologists office. So he said she had bronchitis and gave her an RX. Long story short. She had cancer, it went undiagnosed for too long and she was terminal.  God Bless her.They should have referred her for the damned xray.

I do not believe this is the way to go with our health care system. Letting the elderly go untreated to save money is the plan. Sheboresus slid around it like an eel this weekend, it is rationing and Americans won’t stand for it. If they get it through, we will simply see massive scandal later when people die after being denied testing and treatment..

…Kathleen Sebelius ducked on Sunday when John King ask her about the prospect of comparative effectiveness research as a slippery slope toward medical rationing.

“There is fabulous health care being delivered at lower costs all across America,” she replied in an appearance on “State of the Union.” “Comparative effectiveness research says, ‘does paying twice as much in McAllen,Texas, as in some other part of the country deliver better care?’ And the answer is ‘no.'”

She added, “If three tests don’t produce a better result than one test produces, I’d rather have the one test, thank you very much.”

TOTUS CANNOT promise best practices protection! He cannot get it through Congress which is HEAVILY lobbied by the Bar association and the entity previously known as the Trial Lawyers Association. Just go ask Johnny Edwards about a doctor NOT DOING a test..he will dance all the way to his 140,000 sf house…

This TOTUS plan would have the additional liability of limiting economies of scale in many diagnostic tests. If the test isnt done more and more the price wont drop and the technology wont get better..this will kill promising new gene therapy also, if Team TOTUS wont pay for granny to get a new hip they certainly will not pay for all the experimentation and promising gene therapy coming from the very SCIENCE he claims to cherish….what was the point of the stem cell testing if the pesky elderly cannot have the gene therapy for Alzheimers?

What government panel will find it cost effective to cure someone who has Alzheimers? How much work or tax dollars can they get from that elderly person?


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Update 3: DOW down 200…Wen on economic recovery…DOW opens down 100…Market Mover Monday: Empire State Manufacturing Index collapses: loss doubles analyst estimates….

Update  3: DOW now down over 200..biggest drop since May 13th if youre keeping track…We have been out since May….as the US Dollar rises and the deficit spending keeps ramping up well I dunno stagflation perhaps? the strong dollar is kicking commodities butt however the markets do not like it….I think it is a reality check on the markets take your gains and go home, with no sign whatsoever that TOTUS plans to slow spending the dollar cannot stay here for long IMO, it is over  81 now…

Update 2: FT covers comments from Chinese Prmier Wen, casting doubt on the recovery. Well yeah, MiM has noted many times the likelihood of a Chinese led recovery without an American consumer to you know CONSUME was unlikely but the summer traders were know…trading….sure it’s great for traders but not for investors….investors need to see an actual light at the end of the tunnel and Markey, Waxman, Kennedy, Dodd and Baucus are trying to light a stick of dynamite calling it a candle with the proposed carbon tax and unfunded health care plans….you cannot spend your way to prosperity and regular Americans know it…..we are all in wait mode now trying to outlast these loony spending plans and hoping they dont do too much damage….but I digress…lol


Commodities staged a broad retreat on Monday as a stronger dollar and cautious comments from Chinese premier Wen Jibao over the durability of economic recovery in the world’s third largest economy weighed on investor enthusiasm.

…Comments from Wen that the drop off in foreign demand for Chinese goods could hamper the country’s economic growth (GEE YA THINK? NO SHXT SHERLOCK ECONOMISTS!!) knocked the confidence of investors convinced that a sharp upturn in Chinese demand will reinvigorate the commodities markets.

My Gold has been getting it’s axx kicked by the dollar, but MiM still believes Gold is essential insurance against dollar losses in anyone’s portfolio..and we are still buying on any dip that takes us to 900…here is the bear case on gold:

…Gold also suffered, falling 0.5 per cent to $933.95 per troy ounce.

“At present, there are many reasons for acting more cautiously on the gold market,” said analysts at Dresdner Klienwort.

“First, regardless of the market reaction, the medium term risk of a strong inflation has abated. Second, jewellery demand remains very weak, as gold jewellery is a luxury good and, demand declines in an economic crisis. In our view, gold will continue to be impacted by the US dollar”.

Update: DOW opens down 120 to 8679, S & P down 14 to 932 and NAS down 22 to 1836…

Manufacturing continues to retreat despite the delusions of the traders and economists who would like the recession to be over. Perhaps it would be over if we had not intervened to the degree we have, but no sane businessperson would invest capital in this regulatory environment…as the Index shows, we are doubling down on our losses in manufacturing:


…The New York Fed’s “Empire State” general business conditions index fell to minus 9.41 in June from minus 4.55 in May. Economists polled by Reuters had expected a June reading of minus 4.5.

…The survey of manufacturing plants in the state is one of the earliest monthly guideposts to U.S. factory conditions.

The fall in the main index came as shipments dropped into negative territory, coming in at minus 4.84 in June from positive 1.29 in May.

New orders remained negative at minus 8.15 but not quite as bad as May’s 9.01.

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Houston Tea Party Society Protests Nancy Pelosi…

The Houston Tea Party Society Protests Nancy Pelosi.

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The local media is starting to report on the groups who DO NOT WANT more debt loaded onto us…it is snarky and at the very end but they still reported it….progress :0)

Houston Chronicle:

…In front of the Wortham Center, activists offered their own greetings to those attending the speech.

“Turn back while you still have the chance! Don’t support the liar!” Doug Audirsch, of Porter, shouted while hoisting a sign over his head that called for “Less 1984 — More 1776.”..

Most of those making their way through the gantlet (MiM here pretty sure they mean gauntlet, as if 600 peaceful Americans is like the Clint Eastwood film lol) seemed to take the jeers and catcalls in stride. Some of the attendees blew kisses, while at least two made obscene gestures to the activists.

“I think they were probably prepared for this,” said Paul Kelver of Spring with a laugh. “She’s so far away from mainstream American that it’s unbelievable.”

Police estimated the crowd at 600. Houston Police Department officials at the scene said there were no reported incidents or arrests. gave the protest top billing, oh yeah baby. Video at their story as well…

Hundreds of protesters showed up outside the Wortham Theater in Houston to let House Speaker Nancy Pelosi know they weren’t happy with Washington.

Protesters held signs saying they were upset with the stimulus plan. They also called for tax cuts, spending cuts and a major change in congress.

“You look at the deficit we’ve put together to date and it’s not good. What’s coming over the next 10 years if people have to pay down this debt? It’s more than their mortgage payment. How can we continue to afford this spending?” said Tim Graney from Katy.

Roundup of  coverage and pics at Instapundit...

more about “Houston Tea Party Society Protests Na…“, posted with vodpod

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