NYS Politics: Shenanigans continue: Judge Dismisses Democrats Suit, Coalition Vote Stands….

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Senator Pedro Espada, Jr., President Pro Tempore of the Senate, describes the ruling by State Supreme Court Justice Thomas McNamara.

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CW – The Vampire Diaries – Extended Preview…

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Finally a good result in a RUSH to bankruptcy court: Judge Rejects Sale of NHL Phoenix Coyotes…RIMM bigwig D-E-N-I-E-D

The attempt to rush NHL Coyotes sale through bankruptcy proceedings has been stopped by a judge….

A win for Phoenix (especially Glendale) at least temporarily:


…A bankruptcy judge has rejected the proposed sale of the team to Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie, who would have moved the team to Hamilton, Ontario.

Judge Redfield T. Baum issued a 21-page ruling late Monday afternoon, concluding that the June 29 deadline imposed by Mr. Balsillie did not allow enough time to resolve the complex case.

“Simply put, the court does not think there is sufficient time (14 days) for all of these issues to be fairly presented to the court given that deadline,” the judge wrote.

The ruling is a victory for the NHL, which had argued Mr. Balsillie was using the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to make an end-run around the league’s rules over who owns teams and where they are located.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly declined immediate comment Monday, saying the league needed to read the entire opinion before issuing a statement.

The judge’s decision is also a win for the city of Glendale, Ariz., which had spent $183 million to build an arena for the Coyotes and had contended the franchise could not use bankruptcy to evade its lease

So this Balsillie guy is apparently a BIG LOSAH!.. (continues after the break)


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Twofer Tuesday: The Office…

By DebsD

By newsroom

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WaPo: Team TOTUS Just Says No to CA Bailout….

And you KNOW there is not a newspaper editor alive today who would do what they did to Ford right? WaPo reports WH said No to CA bailout…

No OBAMA TO CA DROP DEAD headlines will appear, can you imagine? BWAAAAHAAAAA!

I agree with the NO. NO NO NO. Like a parent to a child, No California you cannot have your candy before your dinner…

No California you cannot have these ever expanding social services programs in this economy..

No California you cannot regulate away business and capital income and then come to the rest of America for a bailout…


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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movies: Rob Zombie extends his destruction to H2…

Why why why?

Why you do this to me Demmie Zombie??

As if the utter EPIC FAIL of Zombie’s Halloween YARM were not enough, they add insult to injury by utterly destroying H2…Zombie has added his wife again, appearing as guess who?… THE GHOST OF HIS MOM, Gee sound familiar??? Hmmm F13th YARM anyone? Just go do your own borderline softcore porn S & M flick Rob, don’t frak around with the masterpieces of horror history people please…..

And PS they are already moving on F13YARM PT 2….ugh….

Courtesy of RoxRyder666

Here is the real deal, sans Zombie BS reimagining…

Courtesy of  mcmuffin985504, go to their channel for the rest of the film….

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