Why Mrs. MiM hearts Jake Tapper…

Jake has thus far resisted being assimilated or replaced by a pod person. He is all over the Team TOTUS intimidation on IGs…

Today’s Qs for O’s WH – 6/19/2009

June 19, 2009 3:44 PM

TAPPER: Earlier this year  the special inspector general for TARP Neil Barofsky tried to get documents relating to AIG.  The Treasury Department rebuffed that request, and although ultimately I think they did turn over the documents, the Treasury Department sought a ruling from the Justice Department on just how independent Neil Barofsky’s office is supposed to be. Please explain from the administration’s perspective what exactly is going on here and why it appears as though the Treasury Department is pushing back against an independent inspector general.

GIBBS:  Well, obviously, Jake, the president believes that inspectors general fulfill a unique and important role in ensuring that programs operate with efficiency.  No attorney-client privilege on any of this stuff has been invoked.  No documents sought have been or are being withheld.  The DOJ review is not related to any particular investigation.  It is sorting out legal issues relating to the creation of the office.

TAPPER:  Right.  But could you explain — could you actually answer my question?  I understand the talking points you’ve been given, but — but could you answer my question, which is why would the Treasury Department push back against the inspector general trying to get the documents…


GIBBS:  Well, again…


TAPPER:  I understand…


GIBBS:  I would point you to DOJ on the specifics of that, and point you to the fact that the documents haven’t been withheld.

TAPPER:  But Robert, we’re only, what, about 150-some days into this presidency.


GIBBS:  One-hundred-and-fifty-one.

TAPPER:  One-hundred-and-fifty-one days into this presidency, and already the president has fired one inspector general and his Treasury Department is challenging the independence of a different inspector general.  Can you understand why people who believe the president when he talked about the desire to be held accountable and the need for transparency, would say…

GIBBS:  We’ve outlined the reasons why the inspector general for the Corporation of National Service, acted upon by the bipartisan board, recommended that he not be retained.  I think we’ve discussed that.  I know you’ve discussed that with the staff in many ways.  And there are issues that are being sorted out in terms of the creation of different offices, but no documents are being withheld.

TAPPER:  Right.  But why did the Treasury Department push back? I understand ultimately they gave the documents, but why did they…


GIBBS:  Yes.  I — I — I don’t have anything from Treasury.  I can certainly look and see what legal issues they were concerned about.

TAPPER:  Is the precedent that you believe — does the president believe that the inspector general should be able to get whatever documents he needs to…

GIBBS:  The inspector general has gotten those documents.

TAPPER:  With a struggle.

GIBBS:  Jake, I — I — I don’t know how — more to say that the inspector — the answer to your question is the inspector general has the documents that the inspector general wanted.

TAPPER:  Well, either the Treasury Department respects the Office of Inspector General or it doesn’t.

GIBBS:  Well, Jake, we can go back and forth, your question, my answer.  I think I’ve answered the question.

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Some of Jake’s greatest hits, he is a supastah baby! And, the only living brain along with Major Garrett and possibly some poor gagged people behind the first four rows, the only living brain in the WH Briefing Room…

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