Basij shoots to death a young woman in Tehran

Update: 4:35pm EST: WH released a pretty weak statement, and despite the love affair TOTUS has with the media he did not make an appearance to read it….a very disturbing video via Facebook, posting it here to make sure word is out, via Ed’s HotAir continuing coverage:


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The protest in Iran today-20-june-2009 – From TOTUS: The Sound of Silence

Ace HQ has updates as they are coming in…

Still TOTUS is silent. Wouldn’t want to ‘impose’ our belief in universal principles of Democratic right to free speech and peaceful protest by giving any meaningful words of support I guess is their position….

What me worry?

Teh One

Instead TOTUS is busy barbequeing on TV, while people skateboard in the halls of the WH and then was at another press dinner last night saying NOTHING about the most important thing happening in the world while they eat, drink and be merry….I am sure the Iranian people are really inspired by that…

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Harper’s Island – 1.09 ‘Seep’ recap

See I think it is Henry who is the child Abby’s mom gave away, the child of the killer Wakefield, making Henry her half brother.  Henry dunnit I tells ya! And Madison is just freaky!!!!

Courtesy of CBS:

So many secrets were revealed, what does it all mean for the remaining wedding guests? Check out Harper’s Island Saturdays at 9pm!

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio debates Al Sharpton over alleged racial profiling in Maricopa County…

First a reminder:

And ACORN and Rev Al have of course tried to muscle in on the action, and have ignored the community residents, black, white, brown, ‘red’, ‘yellow’, Hexx all of us have asked these people to leave us alone, we do not think we have a racial profiling issue of any kind…. I think this Obama Justice Dept is INCREDIBLY POLITICIZED wth else can you call all these unsubstantiated investigations yet the dismissal of the NBPP voter intimidation case?! I call BS.

Courtesy of DanAmato

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