Update: Raise Your Voices for Freedom :U2 – Bloody Sunday

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Dick Lugar has his head deep in the sand and is suggesting we deal with this regime on nonproliferation after this is over. How anyone would presume to trust a regime that brutally denied its own populace human rights remains a mystery to me. Is Lugar channeling Neville Chamberlain or what?

Iranian protesters fight off the Basij:

French supporters of the Iranian people:

Iranian students killed:

“All that is necessary for evil to win is for good men to do nothing”

All MiM can offer is a voice of solidarity with the people struggling for freedom in Iran. And a song.

Video by BrianBuriff: On January 30, 1972, British troops opened fire on unarmed and peaceful civilians in Derry, Ireland during a civil rights march. This music video is a tribute to the 14 killed and others wounded -…

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