TOTUS Time: Didn’t he promise us a Rose Garden? The media certainly did…

Update 5, the Im the decider clip via TPM

Update 4: Gabriel at Ace HQ has the more complete quote in its context:

…Oh yeah: His Arrogance Obama, First of His Name, Master of All He Surveys and Muncher of Fine Arugula snotted that “Congress can do what it’s going to do” but that “I’m the President, and I’m going to run my office the way I see fit.” He was responding to quoted criticism from John McCain. It was a reprise of his earlier sneering “I won” delivered, apparently, whenever McCain’s or Bush 43’s names come up.

Got that? HE is the decider. BWAAAAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Update 3:  This is the quote:

Obama said his message has been consistent, and he shot back at Republican critics who are calling him timid: “Only I’m the president of the United States.”

Update 2: TOTUS had an I’m the decider moment! during questions on Iran and how TOTUS strong statement just now is a different stance than previous and how it relates to MAC , TOTUS actually used MAC’s exact words on being on the right side of history…he said Mac and Graham have opinions yada yada but it is HIS Obama’s job to make the decision IOW HE IS THE DECIDER! LOL!

No one has the clip up yet, will post it as soon as a talking head makes that point, LOL….meanwhile here are key statements on Iran
Here is part of a question with HuffPo Nico Pitney a question from Iran

Update: HILLARIOUS!!! They moved the presser inside b/c it is too humid outside, this from a guy who laughed at Americans who were cold last winter but has his thermostat set at a balmy 72 degrees? BWAAAAHAAA!!! He thinks it’s hot now, wait til Americans get a load of the tax hikes, would be funny were it not true….

Politico on summer forcing TOTUS inside, where the room is crammed with his fans, uh huh:

…President Barack Obama’s news conference Tuesday was moved inside because the Rose Garden is too humid. Now, he’ll take questions in the James S. Brady Briefing Room. The White House announced the new location for the 12:30 p.m. ET news conference

at 9:34 a.m. Aides in the Rose Garden discovered it was already sticky, which would have made for miserable journalists and unflattering video. So will the reporters stand when the president enters the room?…

As part of the ongoing effort to sell the unaffordable health care plan, Team TOTUS is giving a press conference allowing actual questions and everything, origianlly scheduled for Rose Garden, but apparently they are trying to squeeze all the press handmaidens to Teh One into the press room, maroons…

Team TOTUS is trying to claim credit for the Iranian people’s uprising with the Cairo speech after telling us for a week they dont want to appear to interfere, Uhmm mkay…methinks the stolen election was a more proximate cause but hey whatever….just stand up for the Iranian people and not the regime cracking their heads….

Gabriel at Ace has a good take on what TOTUS will likely say replete with lots of “As I’ve said” and “Let me make it perfectly clear”s…..


In case the Rose Garden makes an appearance, and even if it doesn’t:

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PS Call your Critters on the health care plan!!!! That CBS poll was designed to make them feel like tey had cover to vote for a public option, let them know how you feel before the votes go down….MiM is supporting the Wyden-Bennett plan…

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