Update: John ‘I Feel Pretty’ Edwards made a sex tape with his mistress? and sold his TOTUS endorsement for AG promise according to book outline…


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Dr. Who: The Next Doctor…

Well it finally aired on BBC America last night! For anyone who has not seen it in the 6 months since this aired in the UK, here is the David Tennant ‘Christmas’  special:

Courtesy of FencingGurl2010, see link for Parts 2-5

FAN MADE teaser- Matt Smith, the next Dr.,after the break…


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Harper’s Island Episode 12/13 – Season Finale Preview; 1.11 ‘Splash’ spoiler- Cal and Chloe…

I still think it is Henry! Henry is Wakefields son and the two have done all the murders together….it has to be someone who planned the return to the island for the wedding right, thereby getting Abby to come back? Henry! And someone who had access to all the guns, the sights appear to be way off and they jam after one round….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is part 1 of Ep 11, last night’s ‘Splash’ go to hpootpfan100 for the rest!!

Go no farther if you havent seen EP 11 yet!!!!

This was the best part…

Courtesy of gavh2k6

Apparently the song playing during the deaths is “Letters from The Sky” by Civil Twilight…

more about “Harper’s Island Episode 12/13 – Seaso…“, posted with vodpod

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Update: Iran: Tehran unknown 28 June Tazahorat

Update from GatewayPundit:

…The AP is reporting clashes— tear gas, broken arms and legs.
Another report says possibly 20,000 people were at the protest…


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