Harper’s Island Episode 12/13 – Season Finale Preview; 1.11 ‘Splash’ spoiler- Cal and Chloe…

I still think it is Henry! Henry is Wakefields son and the two have done all the murders together….it has to be someone who planned the return to the island for the wedding right, thereby getting Abby to come back? Henry! And someone who had access to all the guns, the sights appear to be way off and they jam after one round….

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Here is part 1 of Ep 11, last night’s ‘Splash’ go to hpootpfan100 for the rest!!

Go no farther if you havent seen EP 11 yet!!!!

This was the best part…

Courtesy of gavh2k6

Apparently the song playing during the deaths is “Letters from The Sky” by Civil Twilight…

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  1. Gavin replied:

    Hi, Gavin here, the one who uploaded that clip of Cal and Chloe’s death lol

    I admit, that scene was just the best in the episode, and in my opinion, the best of the series so far. And OMG I think the exact same thing about Henry being the 2nd killer!

    Remember when Thomas, Trish’s dad, died? Well they found a plan of who would be standing where, and when Trish and Thomas left to go to the woods, wasn’t Henry left with all the wedding chores? Wouldn’t that include planning where people stood in the ceremony?


    • ginaswo replied:

      Awesome and many thanks Gavin!!!

      Ohhh exactly on the rehearsal murder setup Henry as wedding co-planner had that in hand! And clearly Sheriff doesnt die telling Abby she can have a life with Jimmy if he is the child of Wakefield..

      I hope that CBS keeps giving us a season of murder mysteries every year.


  2. B replied:

    Cal & Chloe’s deaths were devastating but also poetic in the sense that Chloe took her own life rather than being killed by Wakefield or having to live without her true love. Cal & Chloe forever! RIP


  3. Barbara replied:

    I do wonder who came up with the idea to have the wedding on the island since that’s the only reason Abby went back. And Henry does look like he could be Abby’s brother. And what struck me as odd was him going with Abby and having Trish go with Jimmy. Why didn’t he go with Trish? And Cal and Chloe’s deaths were so sad since I really liked those two. Okay I wondered if they might be the killers at one point but I still liked them. Madison is still creepy and I’m pissed at CBS for giving that in two weeks crap. This is the second time they’ve done this. Isn’t there some law against doing this with a mini series. If there isn’t there should be.


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