Gawker – The Rant that Explains Why Dylan Ratigan Left CNBC, plus a poll!

Finally, courtesy of Gawker, the audio :0)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

…The tape dates to last summer, when Susan Krakower, a CNBC executive and co-creator with Ratigan of Fast Money, dared to speak into his earpiece during a commercial break in the newscast. Ratigan didn’t like that…The New York Post reported on the exchange back in March, and indicated that Ratigan’s issues with Krakower were partially responsible for his decision to jump to MSNBC—after promising himself to ABC News as a negotiating tactic to get more money—in May.

Sounds like a fun guy to work with….

And a poll! As soon as I figure out how to put it in here, lol…Dylan’s new show started on MSNBC this week, it is up against The Call one of the only 2 CNBC shows I still watch (the other being kudlow)..

Here’s your question, has anyone seen it? No clips have appeared on Youtube yet…..

And just for fun, Dennis Kneale fighting with bloggers yesterday, lol, again Gawker has it:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. stash replied:

    Just found Dylan at 4 p.m., surfing for an alternative to Cavuto. Only saw two partial shows, found interesting – if he can keep it from going too ballistic, he might make it. Too bad he had to land at msnbc.


  2. Robert replied:

    Hey, Dylan.
    I know you have an ax to grind on a whole range of issues that cover the US economy, Wall Street and big business in general , but take a minute to get your facts straight before going on a tear on a particular topic. As an example, you were quick this morning to say…in the matter of the release of the terrorist by Scotland….that only 1/3 of the prisoners were given an early release, when in fact the number was closer to 3/4, and then after making you case for unjustice, had to go back and correct yourself. I like your show, but it will not survive unless you calm down and show some personal restraint, journalistic objectivity.


  3. Gus Smith replied:

    Why won’t a click on the figures of the MSNBC front page line up connect one with Dylan Ratigan? This also occurred when Rachel Maddow joined the line up.


  4. Gus Smith replied:

    Today, August 7, Dylan Ratigan asked the Republican stooge if Rush Limbaugh should apologize for his comment equating Obama with Hitler and the Nazis. The man (Joe) fast talked, sputtered and spouted but finally gave a direct answer: “No” with some absurd reference to ‘free speech’.

    This goes too far and to deep. I request that this obstructionist NOT be asked to appear on the show ever again.


  5. Niki Warren replied:

    I just love Dylan he says it like it is…keep it up..
    great work..


  6. Henrietta Dwyer replied:

    Dear Dylan:

    Thought your program may have some merit. However, you had Jessy Jackson on today, that will be the last day your program is on my set. What a joke – Jessy Jackson talking about race. He is just about the biggest raceist there is. Did you know that? A smart man like you. Your meetings this morning was nothing else but a farse. I’m sick of the race peddlers being asked what they think about race. It’s their only aim in life to keep it going and you’re helping them. Your program won’t last very long with the likes of Jackson featured as the go to guy on race. I’m going to call it; by October you and your show are gone . Oh, yea, MSNBC is right down there with pond scum. I haven’t heard any stats about the rate of crime in the black community, or of how disproportionally backs commit crime. I only hear they are jailed a higher rate. Thank God for little favors.


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