Medium gets welcome from CBS – Fall Premiere Friday, September 25th…

Medium is still with us, now on the network that also produces it – CBS. Our previous post on the move here.

The network execs are to my mind, in general, a bunch of frakkin morons :0) Easily distracted by bright shiny objects.  They cancel TSCC despite huge fan outcry, international fans mind you, and great great DVR and on demand numbers while in the death slot of network tv for scifi viewers, Friday nights. They kill Medium on its original network, despite the great Nielsen ratings it had there. No rhyme or reason, just political bullshit.

Pleased to see Medium get a nice welcome from its momma ship at CBS :0)

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Nightmare on Elm St: Robert Englund is a TSCC fan..original cast’s thoughts on the remake…

MiM was already ready to shell out a few clams for the YARM to support Thomas Dekker, (his YouTube to the TSCC fans deserves the loyalty :0)) but it is great to hear Robert Englund is also a Dekker and TSCC fan, and the thoughts of the original cast on the YARM..and PS doesn’t Heather look great?

Courtesy of  elmstreetgirl22 go to link for the rest of the panel:

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