Update: Mark Levin on Saracuda…Sarah to step down as Gov end of July, Greg Jarrett of FOX beclowns himself…

Update 2: Text of Sarah’s remarks here

Update: Levin on his show speaking about Sarahs resignation, h/t Heaven Better Have Lightsabers..


Breaking on FOX. Sarah is transferring power to her Lt Gov and stepping down at the end of July. She is making her announcement from Wasilla, AK. The media is of course beside themselves that they were not alerted and invited to haul ass up to Alaska to cover it. So they are talking about how this is not the ‘proper’ way to play it if she wants to play in the ‘lower 48’ political world. Carl Cameron who as I recall, during the campaign, said some moronic things about Sarah, is saying it looks as though she is ‘abandoning’ the people who elected her.

What tools. Seriously. She is getting sued every single day. She is spending all her time defending ethics violations complaints, all of which she eventually wins. I have no doubt the Vanity Fair hit piece, written by the same piece of work who did a hit piece on Big Dawg using DeeDee Myers during the DEM primaries, yeah that and even the Dems of AK who are a real joy apparently, using her Runners World piece I betcha, make it impossible for her to finish the term well. It would be a mess by the end and constant defense.

If she wants to run nationally, and I hope she does, why not resign for the betterment of the people of Alaska? Tell them, I betcha she is, that constant ethics complaints make it impossible for her to serve them well and she is stepping aside so they may come first, but that she will not give up figting for the people of Alaska and the rest of the US…yada yada yada…I would love it if she said that :0)


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Medium gets welcome from CBS – Fall Premiere Friday, September 25th…

Medium is still with us, now on the network that also produces it – CBS. Our previous post on the move here.

The network execs are to my mind, in general, a bunch of frakkin morons :0) Easily distracted by bright shiny objects.  They cancel TSCC despite huge fan outcry, international fans mind you, and great great DVR and on demand numbers while in the death slot of network tv for scifi viewers, Friday nights. They kill Medium on its original network, despite the great Nielsen ratings it had there. No rhyme or reason, just political bullshit.

Pleased to see Medium get a nice welcome from its momma ship at CBS :0)

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Nightmare on Elm St: Robert Englund is a TSCC fan..original cast’s thoughts on the remake…

MiM was already ready to shell out a few clams for the YARM to support Thomas Dekker, (his YouTube to the TSCC fans deserves the loyalty :0)) but it is great to hear Robert Englund is also a Dekker and TSCC fan, and the thoughts of the original cast on the YARM..and PS doesn’t Heather look great?

Courtesy of  elmstreetgirl22 go to link for the rest of the panel:

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Health Care: TOTUS proposes MORE cuts to Medicare: Specialists reimbursement now on the chopping block: Cardiologists’ payments gutted….

Please Seniors and those who love them, CALL YOUR CONGRESS CRITTERS. These Medicare cuts are appalling!! If this were a Republican POTUS the Congress would be UP IN ARMS over these proposed cuts…


…The Obama administration said Wednesday that it plans to cut Medicare payments for imaging services and specialists, and will use the savings to increase payments to physicians providing primary care.

Under the proposal, Medicare would put specialists’ payments for evaluating and managing illnesses on par with those of primary-care physicians starting in January…

…Payments to cardiologists would be trimmed by 11% overall, but certain procedures they perform would see steeper reductions. Alfred Bove, president of the American College of Cardiology, figured that cardiologists would receive 42% less for an echocardiogram and 24% less for a cardiac catheterization.

Radiologists would see an estimated cut of 20% for imaging services using expensive equipment such as MRI and CT scans, said Bibb Allen, chairman of the commission on economics at the American College of Radiology. That would be in addition to the cuts imposed on radiologists under a 2005 law, he said.

AGAIN he goes after the radiologists! What is with him and the MRIs??!!

The proposal (is) open for public comment until Aug. 31 and expected to be completed by Nov. 1…

…Groups representing cardiologists, radiologists and other specialists said they will lobby lawmakers to stop the cuts. Dr. Bove warned that “cutting back like this certainly threatens the successes we have had over the years with reducing heart disease.”…

Isn’t heart disease the number one killer of Americans? Why would you reduce payments on heart caths and EKGs??? SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!! IS THIS THE FRAKKIN PLAN TO CUT COSTS?? CBO just came out and said the increased inflation in costs on healthcare is AGING POPULATION…uh oh…

OH NOES!!! TO SERVE MAN!! *(condensed clip courtesy of nterpri)

They claim the idea is to bring specialists compensation in line with GPs and thereby increase GPs. SAME ASS BACKWARDS PLAN THEY HAVE FOR THE ECONOMY.




I hope to have some kick ass cardiologists out there when I get older, please folks, call Congress, tell them NO CUTS TO SPECIALISTS NO GUTTING MEDICARE TO GIVE TO THE UNINSURED. THIS IS NOT HOW WE DO IT IN AMERICA!!!!

And we haven’t even gotten into the fact that education and HEALTHCARE are the ONLY jobs sectors still growing. leave them aloooooone!! /rant off

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