Market Update: Gold just broke under $910…

MiM is pulling the trigger on some more Gold as it breaks under 910…now at 908.08…loading up while we can 🙂 The way TOTUS is spending money and the FED is monetizing the debt MiM still expects Gold to be on a tear sooner rather than later….

It’s Shirley Bassey time!

Courtesy of BronzeVenus

Ahead of Alcoa earnings season kick off after the bell, DOW down 35 to 8128.61

S&P down 6.46 to 874.57

NAS down 12.36 to 1733.81

all the commodities are selling off

Oil now at 60.60….

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  1. Market Update: Gold! « Moderate in the Middle replied:

    […] up 19.1 dollars right now to $975.60. MiM has been pro Gold here on the site since we were trading below $900 (going against the soopergenius commodity forecasters who were […]


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