True Blood: Cut Scene from S1 E1: Sookie’s Fairy Godmother and the first Tara…

A scene cut from S1 E 1, if you have read the books you know who that is behind the tree/shrub helping Sookie :0)

Courtesy of thegunsong

And the FIRST person cast as Tara, (language alert)

compare to OUR Tara, Rutina Wesley

Courtesy of Nafterlife

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  1. ginaswo replied:

    thank you!!!
    Agree in the beginning it would have been overload for new fans to introduce that uhm pretty lady behind the tree :0)
    glad to see producer Alan Ball has her in there though so we can meet her later :0)


  2. Hey Lady replied:

    Awesome! Thanks for the clips! Would have been weird for them to bring in the um, woman behind the tree (wink) so early in the show. Guess it was good to cut that out.

    I just got to your site and already I’m impressed, you have “True Blood”, “Supernatural” AND “Legend of the Seeker”?? NICE!


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