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TOTUS loses the upper hand…

Team TOTUS has lost ‘hand’ in the polls and is hiding the economic forecast and new deficit numbers from us and Congress until AFTER the August recess…

…Heading into a critical period in the debate over health-care reform, public approval of President Obama’s stewardship on the issue has dropped below the 50 percent threshold for the first time, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll…

…Since April, approval of Obama’s handling of health care has dropped from 57 percent to 49 percent, with disapproval rising from 29 percent to 44 percent. Obama still maintains a large advantage over congressional Republicans in terms of public trust on the issue, even as the GOP has closed the gap…

…Obama’s approval rating on his handling of the deficit is down to 43 percent, as independents now tilt toward disapproval (42 percent approve; 48 percent disapprove). More broadly, 55 percent of Americans put a higher priority on holding the deficit in check than on spending to boost the economy, compared with 40 percent who advocate additional outlays even if it means a sharply greater budget shortfall. This is a big shift from January, when a slim majority preferred to emphasize federal spending…

HotAir has coverage of the ‘hide the deficit’ story and Ace HQ and HA and MM are also all over the poll shift…(we learned in our DEM primaries that most pollsters oversample Dems and undersample Indies and GOP to ‘give good poll’ for TOTUS, but once one pollster is truthful about the trend, usually Rasmussen, the others s-l-o-w-l-y restore regular accurate sampling and come in line with the REALITY. This time things are bad enough that the Obama lovin media is trying to get in front of the vote)

Critters may not know how to read a bill before they sign it but they are damned good at reading polls and their chances for re election..

Seinfeld clip courtesy of safeaim and CastleRockProductions

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Flashback: October – Obama claims McCain will cut Medicare if elected…

TOTUS ran ads suggesting MAC would cut Medicare, and now he wants over 600 Billion in cuts. Here is Obama on October 17th saying MAC would cut Medicare, the hypocrisy is astounding:

Courtesy of AP, TOTUS promoters extraordinaire! How does NO ONE comment on this?!

Barack Obama accused John McCain of wanting to cut $882 billion from Medicare on Friday, and claims that would mean seniors pay more for drugs, receive fewer services and get lower quality care. (Oct. 17)

Obama lied, don’t let grandma die. CALL YOUR CRITTERS.

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Health Care Action: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your…Prostate

IMHO, TOTUS’ ego will not allow him to let this go. Especially after he gets a load of the WaPo piece by Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie that points out Obama is nothing like Big Dawg, (which is how he sold himself, as a pro business moderate Dem). He is instead Carter – on Steroids (something we have been saying since the primaries):

Former President Jimmy Carter looks out the door of the West Wing as he leaves the White House in Washington, Wednesday, March 18, 2009, after meeting with President Barack Obama's National Security Adviser James Jones.  (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

Former President Jimmy Carter looks out the door of the West Wing as he leaves the White House in Washington, Wednesday, March 18, 2009, after meeting with President Barack Obama's National Security Adviser James Jones. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

…Barely six months into his presidency, Barack Obama seems to be driving south into that political speed trap known as Carter Country: a sad-sack landscape in which every major initiative meets not just with failure but with scorn from political allies and foes alike….Obama must be furtively reviewing the history of recent Democratic administrations for some kind of road map out of his post-100-days ditch.

So far, he seems to be skipping the chapter on Bill Clinton and his generally free-market economic policies and instead flipping back to the themes and comportment of Jimmy Carter…

…According to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, more than 80 percent are concerned that health-care reform will increase costs or diminish the quality of care. Even as two House committees passed a reform bill last week, the director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office warned that the proposal “significantly expands the federal responsibility for health-care costs” and dramatically raises the cost “curve.” This sort of voter and expert feedback can’t be comforting to the president….

When TOTUS reads this part, he will eat his liver and insist Health Care be put through so he can declare a pyrrhic victory over Hillary:

…Finally, it’s time to connect the poster boy for hope to the original Man From Hope. After Bill Clinton bit off more domestic policy than even he could chew, leading to a Republican rout in the midterm elections of 1994, the 42nd president refocused his political intelligence on keeping his ambitions and, as a result, the size of government growth, limited. Though there is much to complain about in his record, the broad prosperity and mostly sound economic policy under his watch aren’t included.

This shouldn’t be a difficult task for Obama. As a political animal, he has always resembled Clinton more than Carter. This might help him avoid the Carteresque pileup he’s driving into. Far more important, it just might help the rest of us.

Let us note here that when Hill pushed for UHC in ’93 there was NO SCHIP. Millions of American children went without health care. When her UHC plan failed, Hill got SCHIP done and now millions of American children that need coverage get it. I am not willing to give up my family’s health care and health insurance as we know it to enroll 15 million people who are already eligible and simply not enrolled while bankrupting the country and killing the economy with tax hikes in the face of a sustained recession with a flat recovery. That is what this plan to GUT Medicare and redistribute the health care to other people will do.

It is unacceptable and should be defeated in Congress. (I support Wyden-Bennett (see our write ups here) which will actually expand coverage with free market principles and not gut Medicare or kill the economy and in particular small business and jobs and change the delivery of health care as we know it while failing to control costs which are generated, as CBO acknowledges, by DEMOGRAPHICS…

Look at this chart one more time:


This is so important for our economy and our children and our parents and our lives (literally) that I am linking Dick Morris

From PoliGazette commenter Klegan, via Instapundit:

“Seeing his popularity draining away rapidly, President Obama has cynically decided to ram through the complex health care legislation in two weeks, without debate or amendment. He is going to give up the attempt to win sixty votes in the Senate and will use the budget reconciliation procedure – which is only used for budget bills – to push it through with fifty votes.” http://www.dickmorris.com/blog/

Call or fax Monday 07/20/09


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Tea Party Patriots Health Care Rally – July 17: Phoenix, AZ rally makes local news, Hauppauge, NY: A Mother Pleads for Her Child’s Future at Congressman Steve Israel’s Office; Sen Schumer Office Visit…

Update: Our local rally at Rep Harry Mitchell’s D-AZ office made the news in Phoenix, woohoo!! and NRCC picked it up!!


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