Happy Anniversary: The Eagle has Landed….

Awesome anniversary of the moon landing. What we can do when we are determined and united is amazing.  Thank you to the many who worked so hard, many unsung, to get us to the moon. I hope NASA continues manned space flight. I hope TOTUS can control himself and not use the lunar landing in his harangue against Americans who do not want to throw more money around, this time at health care on Wednesday night, the way he uses it for stimulus, cap and trade and every other thing except the actual space program…

Let’s sing songs and look at the moon, maybe TOTUS will go eat another million dollar ham sandwich with some Gray Poupon and leave us alone…

Courtesy of conradsh451

This is one shot, starting about 10 minutes before touch down. Seen trough the right window of Lunar Module (LM). Landing on the Sea of Tranquility : 20 July 1969 20:17,40 UTC.

Video starts at 40 000 ft above the Moon surface. “You are go to Continued Power Descent”.

Shiny Toy Guns courtesy of ArionRaine

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