Harper’s Island S1 Episode 1 ‘Whap’…

Courtesy of scince220 who has them all up :), go to their channel for the entire season!!! I hope we get another season long murder mystery next year!!!

Parts 3-5 after the break:

If you liked Harper’s Island but have never read Agatha Christie or seen the adaptations of her work as the Grand Dame of the Whodunnit, please give Poirot a try! We have posted the most recent Mystery! series here at MiM, see here

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  1. Roshan replied:

    Me again, scince220.

    Really pissed. YouTube deleted MOST of my videos.
    All the death videos are still there, but only some parts are left of episodes! 😦


  2. roshan replied:

    Hey it’s me, scince220!

    Thanks for posting my videos here! 😀


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