Update: Sarah – Fairbanks -Media and the Constitution remarks..Sarah Wasilla Speech – 072409…

Courtesy of theFrozenTech

Apologies for shaky video, it was a zoo, a lot of people packed into Pioneer Park in Fairbanks Alaska for Sarah Palin’s farewell speech & Sean Parnell’s Inauguration.

Today is Sarah’s last day as Governor of Alaska. I cannot WAIT until she comes down to the lower 48 to do some good work and remind Americans what America is all about and how proud we should be and ARE of our country and our people..we need someone to speak for us …h/t to HA for the vid!

Courtesy of theFrozenTech:

Sarah Palin at the 07/24/09 Alaska Governor’s Picnic in Wasilla, no politics, just honoring vets and their families.

Sarah spoke with WaPo:

“I’m not leaving the governorship because of any particular ethics complaint. Rather, I have explained that the millions of dollars spent by the state and the diversion of resources to address politically inspired records requests, personnel board costs and wasting staff time is unnecessary and harmful to the state,” Palin said in written comments to The Washington Post. “I will take the battle nationally and I won’t shy away from challenging the powerful, the entrenched, the corrupt and anyone standing in the way of getting our country back on the right track.”

WOOHOO! Sarah Palin come on down!!!!!

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