Tea Party Patriots: 8/1 Columbus, OH rally draws thousands…

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Columbus Dispatch (making local papers now) via Instapundit:

…Organized by the Ohio Liberty Council, people arrived by the busload and expressed anger over issues such as taxes and government intrusion.

Some collected signatures in hopes of eliminating Ohio’s estate tax with a 2010 ballot initiative. Many wore or carried messages with them, such as a sign that read, “Grow your own dope plant a politician.”

“I want the right to drive a gas-guzzler and choose my own health care,” said Amy Chauvette, 45, of Toledo, who held a sign that read, “America home of the free? Not lately.”

“Government is losing sight of what they are really there for. They are not there to run car companies or health care. They are there to keep this country free.”

The featured speaker, Andrew Napolitano, a New Jersey Superior Court judge and a Fox News commentator, got the crowd into a “freedom” chant and blasted the expanded government authority and lack of oversight contained in the Patriot Act.

“Remember, the government hates freedom. It is an obstacle to what everyone there desires,” said Napolitano, whose speech ended with Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It blasting from the speakers.

Though there was plenty of anti-Obama sentiment in the crowd, speakers took aim at both parties.

Liberty Council co-founder Mike Wilson asked everyone to punch the numbers of U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown and George V. Voinovich into their cell phones.

“If they have voice-mail, I suggest you blow them up today.”…

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UPDATE: WH Issues Stmt…New Taxes on the Middle Class? Whatever it takes says Turbo Tax Timmeh…

Update: 8/3 1:34 pm EST: CNBC has statement from the WH: “would not make sense to raise taxes on middle class, the President’s commitment is pretty clear on that…” (no word on the commitment of Timmeh, Summers and China who is buying our debt as TOTUS spends…)

Gee maybe they should get the memo to Geithner and Summers then….maroons…particularly since Geithner just told China we would reduce the deficit…As we noted in our discussion of UE extension this morning:

Larry Summers and Tim Geithner were chattering about MIDDLE CLASS TAX HIKES, ‘well the money has to come from somewhere for health reform’ Summers says...

…Rather, Mr. Summers told CBS News’s “Face the Nation” that key to controlling the deficit were elements of the Obama economic program, “the first and more important” one being “substantial reform of the health-care system.” But he said the proposed health overhaul needs funding from somewhere…”

One more time, we CANNOT spend like this without raising taxes. SO STOP SPENDING CRITTERS! We CANNOT afford the health care bill now…or cap and trade…or rainbow unity ponies and kickbacks for all and sundry…stop spending..

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Futurama voice cast to keep their roles…

Seems this is still how Hollywood and FOX in particular ‘bargain’; they kill a few good shows like TSCC and then hang threats over the talent at renewal. Some things never change. Like Hollywood and Washington, D.C….well good news for the fans.

These studio execs are so clueless you never really know where they will land, which is I guess how they like it. I think it just kills off potential fans and pixxes people off…

Our post on the initial cast contract cancellation here


Remember that report that Fox had sent out a casting call to replace the voice actors in the newly resurrected Futurama episodes that will air soon on Comedy Central? Seems it was a bargaining ploy after all.

Futurama star Maurice LaMarche, who voices a number of roles on the show—I counted 126 of them on IMDB.com, including Kif Kroker—confirms that that the original cast will back when the show is resurrected in 2010.

“Officially, my deal is done,” LaMarche said Friday in an exclusive interview with SCI FI Wire. “While I can’t speak for the rest of the cast, I see no reason not to expect all the others will do the same by day’s end.” LaMarche’s comments confirm a report in the Toronto Star.

The newspaper reports that the entire voice cast has just signed a new contract with Fox after weeks of intense salary negotiations:

As late as last week, the network was threatening to replace the original voices of Matt Groening’s cult-hit cartoon, to the point of actually announcing a casting call for voice actors to replace them.

The compromise agreement, with the studio paying more and the actors accepting less, comes after the announcement of a 26-episode pick-up here by Comedy Central.

“I am extremely grateful to all the fans of Futurama who signed petitions and sent e-mails, both to Fox to profess their dedication to the original cast, and to me, personally, to express their support,” LaMarche said. “All the love has been great, and it has meant the world to me. I know how very fortunate I am to have found a career in this profession, and even more fortunate to be working with such incredibly talented people as Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. And I’m hugely grateful to 20th Century Fox TV and Comedy Central to be back working on the funniest and most original animated show in prime time! Futurama am the greetest! And me am returning for a not no good raisin!”

Futurama compilation courtesy of jodes126

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